God’s Image: The Primal Adam (Male & Female He Created Them)

God’s Image: The Primal Adam (Male & Female He Created Them)

The “Primal Adam” has also been called the “Primordial Man,” the “Supreme Man,” the “high man,” the “heavenly man,” “Adam Kadmon,” or “Adam HaKadmoni,” “the ancient man.”  It’s a reference to the being that YHWH created in His own image (before Eve was taken out of Adam). Manu in Hinduism also seems to refer to the original man. If you prefer to listen, I discuss this article in the video at the end of this post.

The World Was Made Through The Word

According to Wikipedia, Philo calls the Primal Adam “logos” which is the Greek word for “word,” which will remind people of John 1:1-5.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by the word; and without the word was not any thing made that was made. 4 In the word was life; and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

Genesis 1:3 And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Proverbs 3:13 Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding…18 She (wisdom) is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her: and happy is every one that retaineth her. 19 YHWH, by wisdom, hath founded the earth; by understanding hath He established the heavens.

You can read the article The S/Word of God: YHWH’s Holy Spirit & Instructions For Life for more information, but basically “the word” is a reference to YHWH’s commandments that the prophets spoke to us, and it’s also YHWH’s Holy Spirit (YHWH’s words that got put into the prophet’s mouths). Because of this, I’m not convinced that Philo had this theory right, but it’s worth mentioning that this was his understanding. The Kabbalistic Jews also believe the world was created through the Primal Adam, which I’ll get into later below.

God & His Wisdom created the Primal Adam

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness, to rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and the livestock, and over all the earth itself and every of creature that crawls upon it.” 27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

We know that YHWH is one, and doesn’t have split personalities. Kel from Trinity Delusion did a video and article on Genesis 1:26 explaining why Genesis is not speaking about Jesus (Yehoshua) creating mankind. Many trinitarians actually try to claim we were created as three-part beings because YHWH is three personalities. That’s found nowhere in Genesis 1:26-27, but what is found there is that YHWH has two-sides, which are evidenced by “male” and “female.”

YHWH’s wisdom is personified as a female all throughout Proverbs. If you’d like to know more about that, check out Kel’s site and/or this playlist. Also, you may hear some people talk about “Lady Wisdom” using the name “Sophia,” that is because Sophia is the Greek word for “wisdom.”

YHWH Is Not Split

Mankind could not understand YHWH without looking at an image or the form of God. We’ve been given an image over time, and the image is the Primal Adam (with Eve inside). The Primal Adam is not split. But because mankind has split, we have an easier time thinking about YHWH and writing about Him with different “personalities.” This is why people created the trinity, and the Sefirot (emanations) of the Kabbalah. It’s also why wisdom (Sophia or the Holy Spirit) is personified as a female who was “with” YHWH in the beginning. The bible talks about YHWH acquiring wisdom like a man acquires a bride. It’s not like YHWH didn’t have wisdom, it’s just an example for us to understand how we are to search for wisdom, rather than “folly” “who” is personified as the adulteress in Proverbs. And, as stated before, you can see the article on the “Word of God” to see how the Holy Spirit is connected to wisdom (the commandments).

Clementine Recognitions

The Clementine Recognitions discusses the idea that YHWH is not split. The Syriac version has many passages not found in the Latin version. The early followers (Essenes, Ebionites, Nazarenes, etc.) didn’t believe in the trinity, but rather believed that Jesus (Yehoshua) was a man who was baptized with YHWH’s Holy Spirit at the Jordan. When he was baptized, YHWH declared that “this day” Jesus (Yehoshua) was begotten of YHWH. They may have believed the “Primal Adam doctrine” that Jesus (Yehoshua) was Adam reincarnated. It’s difficult to pin down the exact belief due to lack of material on the subject. We do know Jesus (Yehoshua) is called the second Adam in scripture. It may be a belief in reincarnation or it may be something else. But it seems that the “Primal Adam” was the “only begotten” of YHWH (as everyone else including Jesus (Yehoshua) was born of a woman). They didn’t believe in the virgin birth either, and Jesus (Yehoshua) had an older brother, James the Just. If you’d like to buy the Syriac Clementine Recognitions book, it’s available on Amazon. If you’d like to listen to Brad read it, here is his video playlist.

These are a couple of quotes from the book concerning YHWH not being split.

Clementine Recognitions 3:3 page 85: “…there is one Principality and One without beginning…..the one Who neither is the cause of Himself nor has begotten Himself, for He exists without beginning. The Self-Existent One Who Did Not Come Into Being shall bring us near to know Who He is. Although He did not become a being, those who then called the Self-Existent One Who Did Not Come Into Being ‘the Father of Himself’ and ‘the Begetter of Himself’ dared to reject Him. And they became enslaved to ambitions and inferior thoughts, for they reckoned and thought that it was necessary for Him to beget Himself…”

Syriac version Recognitions 3:8 page 88 “Therefore the God Who is without beginning begat His firstborn son before all created things, as is seemly for God while He was neither changed nor succeeded nor divided, nor did He emanate, nor was He even diminished in anything…On account of this, then, in truth he (Yehoshua) was appropriately called ‘the Begotten,’ because in his being he is not the Father.”

Syriac version Recognitions 3:9 page 89 “And so that inquiry concerning Him may be made known to you, therefore, as is seemly for God, He begat His only begotten and firstborn son before all creations. Indeed, He did not bring Himself to action or beget Himself, for He was not awaiting impassive and inviolate if He were in Himself active; for it is impious to think such things as these about the Self-Existent One Who did not come into being for in danger are the impious, as if they rightly schemes and greatly blasphemed against the Self-Existent One that He is a female-male…”

This is from the Latin version:

Recognitions of Clement Chapter LXIX: Two Comings of Moshiach “And when he had plainly taught the people concerning these things, he added this also: That unless a man be immersed in water, in the name of Y’shua, as Y’shua taught, he can neither receive remission of sins nor enter into the Malkuth Shamayim (Heavenly Kingdom); and he declared that this is the prescription of the unbegotten Elohim. To which he added this also: ‘Do not think that we speak of two unbegotten Elohim, or that one is divided into two, or that the same is made male and female. But we speak of the only begotten Son of YHWH, not sprung from another source, but born from YHWH’s bosom; and in like manner we speak of the Ruach.’”

The early “blasphemy” the Essenes taught against was the idea that YHWH was a male god and a female god. The trinity wasn’t even a consideration to be labeled as blasphemy at that point because the Catholic church created that doctrine later. The understanding that YHWH has to resemble both male and female has been around from the beginning, it’s written about in Genesis 1:26-27, but rather than understand it spiritually, people made it literal and went about “Splitting YHWH up” so to speak. This is why the Shema states “YHWH our God is One,” which Jesus (Yehoshua) agreed with in John 17:3.

The Image of  God Is Male & Female Together

Groom and BrideGenesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him (Primal Adam); male and female He created them (plural).

The Primal Adam was both Adam and Eve together in one body. If you look at the image to the right, you will see the husband and wife looking into each other’s faces. The Primal Adam was not like this. The Primal Adam had both, but because they were one body, they couldn’t see each other face-to-face. They couldn’t see themselves through the other’s eyes.

The Seven Essene Mirrors teaching says we are having ourselves reflected back to us through our environment and our relationships. The biggest relationship you have in your life is usually to your spouse, and according to the Essene Mirrors, even if you divorce, if an issue in the marriage was not solved you’ll still run into it in your other relationships. You can’t really run away from the mirrors. But, in general, a spouse is to be a large reflection of yourself and what you’re supposed to work on spiritually in this life.

Bound together in one body, the Primal Adam couldn’t experience each other. They couldn’t see the whole picture of their body.

Think of how you may have a hard time reaching a certain place on your back. You might have to ask someone to help with putting on clothing if there are ties or zippers in the back. We can’t experience our backside. The Primal Adam could not experience it’s own backside when it was one body.

With a spouse, we are attempting to become joined as “one” with someone, not physically, but spiritually. The process of coming together and becoming one spiritually takes time, and while we’re attempting that, our mate experiences our spiritual “backside.” They can help us see the darker side of ourself, and we can help them see the darker side of their self. This is in order to help us purify ourselves. But, most people today don’t want to deal with their shadow side and don’t want to try to fix themselves, so they blame the other person, get a divorce, and end up having the same problems in another new relationship.

The Kabbalistic Primal Adam

The Primal Adam was originally made of dust, but because mankind was not “clothed with skin” yet, this may mean they were like the angels. In the video playlist Golden Compass / His Dark Materials I discuss how the His Dark Materials series says angels are sentient dust. A while back I theorized about the fallen angels needing coats of skin also. The Kabbalist below suggests the Primal Adam did not look like what we think Adam and Eve looked like.

From Rabbi David Cooper: “Adam and Eve were born simultaneously side-by-side, or back-to-back, attached like Siamese twins. As it says twice in Genesis, ‘male and female It created them.’ To separate them, in biblical language it says that God took one of Adam’s ‘sides;’ in zoharic language, it says, ‘God sawed Eve off from him.’

(For those who say Adam and Eve were attached back-to-back, this sawing is viewed as the cause of the bumps all humans have along the back of the spine.)

SpineThe Midrash Rabbah says, ‘When the Holy One created Adam [Ha-Rishon], it was androgynous. God created Adam Ha-Rishon double faced, and split him/her so there were two backs, one on this side and one on the other.’

The idea that Adam and Eve were co-equal at birth is not a kabbalistic secret; it was openly discussed in ancient midrashic literature. Moreover, it was known two thousand years ago that the idea that Eve came from Adam’s rib was a common misunderstanding. The Torah is unambiguous on this point. It repeats a second time, ‘Male and female It created them,’ and goes on to say, ‘and blessed them, and called their name Adam on the day they were created.’

Whenever the Torah repeats something, the emphasis always suggests deeper implications. Here, it is impossible to ignore that the creation of male and female was simultaneous.

It was only after the ‘sin’ that Adam Ha-Rishon was diminished in size.

This means that Eve and Adam became separate entities while both were still of gigantic proportions, that is, when both could see to the ends of the universe.”

So, Rabbi David Cooper suggests that the Primal Adam was extremely tall. The early followers of Jesus (Yehoshua) seem to have believed this too.

The Standing One Doctrine

The Standing One is another term for the Messiah (Christ), and the Standing One was thought of as extremely tall. In the Recognitions of Clement, Simon the Magician is claiming to be the messiah. Because Simon the Magician was basically an Anti-Christ archetype, he was prideful, and claiming to be higher than YHWH. He also believed in the demiurge which the early followers of Jesus (Yehoshua) did not believe in. The Messiah Jesus (Yehoshua) never claimed to be YHWH,  he said by himself he could do nothing, and said his Father YHWH did all the works. However, from the following quotes you can get an idea as to what the Standing One belief entailed.

“Zacchai had written to him from Caesarea, that one Shimon, a Samaritan magician, was subverting many of our people, asserting that he was the Standing One—that is, in other words, the Moshiach—and the great power of El Elyon, which is superior to the Creator of the world; at the same time that he showed many miracles, and made some doubt, and others fall away to him. Recognitions of Clement Chapter LXXII: Kefa Sent to Caesarea

“This Shimon’s father was Antonius and his mother Rachel. By tribe he is a Shomroni from a village of the Get tones; by profession a magician yet exceedingly well trained in the Greek literature; desirous of glory, and boasting above all the human race, so that he wishes himself to be believed to be an exalted power, which is above YHWH the Creator, and to be thought to be the Moshiach, and to be called the Standing One. And he uses this name as implying that he can never be dissolved, asserting that his flesh is so compacted by the power of his divinity, that it can endure to eternity. Hence, therefore, he is called the Standing One, as though he cannot fall by any corruption. Recognitions of Clement Chapter VII: Shimon HaMag: His History

Because of pride, Simon had a higher view of himself than he should have, but we can see that the idea of the Standing One is someone who can endure to eternity because he cannot fall by corruption. If you read the Recognitions of Clement, you’ll find out Simon the Magician was definitely not divine and he was definitely corrupted by sin.

The Standing One

In the Panarion, Epiphanous speaks of the Ossaeans (which are likely the Essenes and/or Ebionites) and discusses their belief in the Standing One:

4:1 Then he describes Christ as a kind of power, and even gives his dimensions—his length of 24 schoena, or 96 miles, and his width of twenty-four miles, or six schoena, and similar prodigies about his thickness and feet, and the other stories. 4:2 And the Holy Spirit—a feminine one at that—is like Christ too, and stands like an image, above a cloud and in between two mountains. And I am going to skip the rest, so as not to trick the readers’ hearing into mythology.

Later on Epiphanous discusses the same belief and says the Ebionites believe it too.

17:6 Thus they believe that Christ is a manlike figure invisible to human eyes, ninety-six miles—or twenty-four schoena, if you please!—tall; six schoena, or twenty-four miles wide; and some other measurement through. Opposite him the Holy Spirit stands invisibly as well, in the form of a female, with the same dimensions. 17:7 ‘And how did I find the dimensions?’ he says. ‘I saw from the mountains that the heads were level with them, and from observing the height of the mountain, I learned the dimensions of Christ and the Holy Spirit.’ 17:8 I have already spoken of this in the Sect, ‘Against Ossaeans.’ I have put it down here though, in passing, lest it be thought that I fail from forgetfulness to mention characteristics of any nation and sect which are also found in others.

You may see this Standing One video playlist to learn more about the doctrine. And if you’re interested in studying further there’s a mythology about the tall angels Sandalphon and Metatron being twins. They both seem to be male, but maybe there was a mix-up in understanding. One of the angels might be the “Bride of Christ” (which would include human males) and so the people who wrote about it may have assumed the angel would be in male form, rather than Christ’s Bride, or Adam’s Eve.

Epiphanius wrote about the Ebionites in his work referred to as the Panarion. There was probably not a person named Ebion (The word Ebionites comes from the term for “the poor”), but regardless he refers to an “Ebion” as their leader.

“But I have already said how each of them palms off something different about Christ. Ebion himself did at one time, by saying that he originated as a mere man from sexual intercourse. But at other times the Ebionites who derive from him say that Christ has a heavenly power from God, ‘the Son,’ and that the Son puts Adam on and takes him off when convenient. By the power of God I have refuted their various opinions.” Panarion 34:6 Ebionites

I think “the Son” and “the Christ” is basically referring to the Primal Adam spirit. So, perhaps the Primal Adam spirit took on flesh whenever He wanted to. Since the Primal Adam didn’t sin, he was able to take off flesh when convenient. Clementine Homilies 8 suggests the fallen angels could not take off flesh once they sinned.Concerning the fallen angels:

“But when, having assumed these forms, they convicted as covetous those who stole them, and changed themselves into the nature of men, in order that, living holily, and showing the possibility of so living, they might subject the ungrateful to punishment, yet having become in all respects men, they also partook of human lust, and being brought under its subjection they fell into cohabitation with women; and being involved with them, and sunk in defilement and altogether emptied of their first power, were unable to turn back to the first purity of their proper nature, their members turned away from their fiery substance: for the fire itself, being extinguished by the weight of lust, and changed into flesh, they trode the impious path downward. For they themselves, being fettered with the bonds of flesh, were constrained and strongly bound; wherefore they have no more been able to ascend into the heavens.” Clementine Homilies 8 Chapter XIII. The Fall of the Angels

What Created the World?

Most Trinitarians and Kabbalists (and also Philo) believe that there was a spiritual Primal Adam created, through which the world was formed, often referred to as “The Word,” or by Trinitarians as “God the Son.”

But, putting that theory on the back burner, let’s look at another theory. As discussed in the “Word of God” article, YHWH’s Holy Spirit/Commandments/Wisdom (personified as a female which is sometimes referred to as Sophia) was how the world was made. As discussed earlier, we know YHWH is not split, but we use the male and female image of God to get a look at Him.

The “image of God” was the “Primal Adam” who was both male and female, but “they” were called Adam (a masculine name). This is why YHWH is referred to as Father most of the time in the Tanakh.  Wisdom is a part of YHWH, like Eve was a part of the Primal Adam, and also like the Bride of Christ is a part of the body of Christ.

Adam and Eve came together to create life on earth. In the same way, YHWH and His Wisdom created the world and created the Primal Adam to inhabit it. There are many scriptures that state that YHWH spoke (the commandments) which was the light of the world.

Proverbs 6:23 For this commandment is a lamp, this teaching is a light, and the reproofs of discipline are the way to life.

The Holy Spirit (sometimes seen as your conscience by the non-spiritual) is what lets you know right from wrong, and convicts you of your sin, and keeps you in the light. If you stray from the path of righteousness, you end up spiritually blinded in outer darkness because you’ve “grieved the Holy Spirit.” The world is created on these commands, which is why we reap what we sow. Because the world was created by these laws, we see the Seven Essene Mirrors and the Law of Attraction work. Those concepts are basically explaining how the Holy Spirit convicts us by showing us what we’re doing wrong.

Recognitions of Clement Chapter LXIX: “…Do not think that we speak of two unbegotten Elohim, or that one is divided into two, or that the same is made male and female. But we speak of the only begotten Son of YHWH, not sprung from another source, but born from YHWH’s bosom; and in like manner we speak of the Ruach (Spirit)...”

YHWH and His Wisdom/Holy Spirit gave birth to the only begotten son which was the Primal Adam, the first-born of all creation. We know our Father’s Spirit is a part of Him, not a separate “person.” We can say our flesh is weak, but our flesh is still a part of us. The Father’s Spirit is the power through which He creates. Father is the being who always was (The Self Existent One Who Did Not Come Into Being). So the Father is the being, and the Spirit is the power the being has.

We too are beings and we have power. The power is from YHWH, it’s our spirit, the breath of life that our dust-bodies were given at our conception.

Genesis 2:7 Then YHWH God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living soul.

The word for “breath” and “spirit” are often used interchangeably in scripture because Ruach and the Greek equivalent Pneuma mean both. It’s why you see Jesus (Yehoshua) breathing the spirit on people. A soul is a dust-body with a spirit (the breath of life) inside, so this makes animals souls also.

The Spirit inside of us powers all we do. Based on our actions, we’re either following the Holy Spirit (and purifying ourselves) or following the Anti-Christ Spirit (the serpent seed).

From a Kabbalistic teaching on the letter Beth:

Bereishit Bara Elohim is usually translated as “In the beginning God creates.”  In the Zohar , this phrase is translated, “In wisdom Elohim creates.”  Why does it say, “In wisdom,” and who is “Elohim?”

It says “In wisdom” because of who the Elohim is. אלהים Elohim is a plural Hebrew word.  In the English and Latin Bibles, it is translated as “God,” singular masculine.  But the word אלהים Elohim is not singular masculine.  Elohim is a plural word which comes from אל El, which is “God,” masculine in Hebrew. אלה or אלוה Eloah / Eloha is God feminine in Hebrew. The suffix ים -im is plural. Thus, אלהים Elohim can mean either God and Goddess or Gods and Goddesses.

YHWH through the power of the Holy Spirit (Word of God  AKA Lady Wisdom) created the earth and the Primal Adam and breathed into the Primal Adam the breath of life, similar to how a husband and wife come together and create a child who has it’s own spirit.

The scriptures say YHWH spoke the light (which the commandments are called), just as YHWH’s Spirit tells us the commandments (via our “conscience”). It’s seems more likely that is how He created the world, rather than speaking out a person called “the word.” But because the Primal Adam was a prophet who spoke the “Word of God” it’s easy to see how people could be confused. The Primal Adam was the “word made flesh,” but so are we.

Did the Primal Adam Sin?

The early followers of Jesus (Yehoshua) didn’t believe Adam actually sinned. From the Clementine Homilies 8:

But thus the matter stands. The only good God having made all things well, and having handed them over to man, who was made after His image, he who had been made breathing of the divinity of Him who made him, being a true prophet and knowing all things, for the honour of the Father who had given all things to him, and for the salvation of the sons born of him, as a genuine father preserving his affection towards the children born of him, and wishing them, for their advantage, to love God and be loved of Him, showed them the way which leads to His friendship, teaching them by what deeds of men the one God and Lord of all is pleased; and having exhibited to them the things that are pleasing to Him, appointed a perpetual law to all, which neither can be abrogated by enemies, nor is vitiated by any impious one, nor is concealed in any place, but which can be read by all. To them, therefore, by obedience to the law, all things were in abundance,—the fairest of fruits, fullness of years, freedom from grief and from disease, bestowed upon them without fear, with all salubrity of the air.

The Primal Adam gave a law to all his children to let them know how to be friends of YHWH. How did he give them the law? Well if YHWH’s law is YHWH’s Spirit and YHWH and His Spirit created the Primal Adam, then the Primal Adam has the same Spirit (Law) built into their genetic code. Adam and Eve gave us the commandments through their “DNA” so to speak. It’s written on our hearts. People hardened their hearts over time, but it was written there, they just need to be “born again” to get fleshy hearts again.

As stated above, the Kabbalist Rabbi David Cooper, “It was only after the ‘sin’ that Adam Ha-Rishon was diminished in size. This means that Eve and Adam became separate entities while both were still of gigantic proportions.” 

He even puts the “sin” in quotes because logic would state that there was no “evil” there. The Hebrews didn’t believe in “evil.” Rav Pinson, another Kabbalistic Jew, speaks on the Splitting of Adam in his video: Adam 1. vs. Adam 2. From Unity into the World of Duality and also suggests it wasn’t a “sin.” To think YHWH allowed “evil” to seduce His own creation in the Garden of Paradise, is to say He was either incompetent or ignorant and leads to belief in the demiurge.

If mankind (signified as the Primal Adam) did not know “bad” they could never know how “good” the garden of Eden was. You cannot experience light, without knowing about darkness. The “bad” in this world is to help us understand the “good.”

From the  Recognitions of Clement Chapter XXV:

Evil Beings Turned to Good Account

“But, setting aside these things, let us consider this earnestly, that YHWH the Creator of the universe, foreseeing the future differences of His creation, foresaw and provided diverse ranks and different offices to each of His creatures, according to the peculiar movements that were produced from freedom of will; so that while all men are of one substance in respect of the method of creation, there should yet be diversity in ranks and offices, according to the peculiar movements of minds, to be produced from liberty of will. Therefore He foresaw that there would be faults in His creatures; and the method of His justice demanded that punishment should follow faults, for the sake of amendment. It behooved, therefore, that there should be ministers of punishment, and yet that freedom of will should draw them into that order. Moreover, those also must have enemies to conquer, who had undertaken the contests for the heavenly rewards. Thus, therefore, neither are those things destitute of utility that are thought to be evil, since the conquered unwillingly acquire ageless rewards for those by whom they are conquered.

In order for us to be rewarded later from staying away from temptations and sin now, there has to be temptations to sin now for us to choose to avoid them. Many people choose not to avoid them, but that’s not YHWH’s fault and the existence of “sin” is a good thing because it represents hurdles that we can pass or have passed, and the temptations are opportunities for us to show our mastery. Mankind is not forced to sin, the “original sin” doctrine and the “flesh is evil” doctrine were created by people who wanted to scapegoat their sin onto YHWH or onto the demiurge.

The Primal Adam was not created sinful, they were created as a prophet (AKA a Messiah or anointed one) breathing of the divinity of YHWH because there were full of YHWH’s Holy Spirit.

From the Clementine Homilies 8:

But thus the matter stands. The only good God having made all things well, and having handed them over to man, who was made after His image, he who had been made breathing of the divinity of Him who made him, being a true prophet and knowing all things

From the Recognitions of Clement Chapter XLVII:

Adamah Anointed a Navi (Prophet)

To this, I replied: “I remember, Kefa (apostle Peter), that you told me of the first man that he was a navi (prophet); but you did not say that he was anointed. If then there be no navi without anointing, how could the first man be a navi, since he was not anointed?” Then Kefa, smiling, said: “If the first man prophesied, it is certain that he was also anointed. For although he who has recorded Torah in his pages is silent as to his anointing, yet he has evidently left us to understand these things. For as, if he had said that he was anointed, it would not be doubted that he was also a navi, although it were not written in Torah; so, since it is certain that he was a navi, it is in like manner certain that he was also anointed, because without anointing he could not be a navi.

From the Clementine Homilies III Chapter XVIII:

Adam Not Ignorant

“Be not deceived! Our father was ignorant of nothing. (This being expressed even in the Torah that is currently in the public). Though Torah charges him with the crime of ignorance for the sake of the unworthy, it also sends TO him those desirous of knowledge, saying, ‘Ask your father and he will tell you. Ask your zaqenim (elders) and they will answer you.’

According to Genesis 2 the naming of the animals is done before Eve is split from the Primal Adam. Based on the law of agency, Shaliah, it seems that the Primal Adam was tasked with naming the animals by understanding (through the Spirit) the characteristics that YHWH made the animals with. The idea of naming or labeling anything shows authority and understanding. This is why Jesus (Yehoshua) was given a new name from YHWH after his obedience, and why he gives us a new name when we overcome.

From the Clementine Homilies III, Chapter XXI:

The Eating of the Forbidden Fruit Denied

“He, since He was the only true prophet, fittingly gave names to each animal, according to the merits of its nature, since He made it. Whatever name He gave to any of them, it was a fitting name from its maker Himself. How, then, had he still need to partake of a tree, that he might know what is good and what is evil, if he was commanded not to eat of it? But senseless men believe this; those who think that a reasonless beast was more powerful than the Elohim who made these things.”

When speaking of the Primal Adam, it does not say a female being, but a female nature was created with Adam. From the Clementine Homilies III, Chapter XXII:

Male and Female

“But a companion was created along with him, a female nature, much differing from him, as quality from substance, as the moon from the sun, as fire from light. She, as a female ruling the present world as her like was entrusted to be the first prophetess, announcing prophecy with all among those born of woman. But the other, as the son of man, being a male, prophesies better things to the world to come as a male.”

Son of Man versus Being Born of a Woman

Many have discussed what the Gospel of Thomas saying 114 is all about: “Simon Peter said to them: Let Mariham go out from among us, for women are not worthy of the life. Jesus said: Look, I will lead her that I may make her male, in order that she too may become a living spirit resembling you males. For every woman who makes herself male will enter into the kingdom of heaven

When you are born of God, it means you have His “seed” inside of you, and you will grow up to look like Him, like a good seed turns into a good tree and bears good fruit, and a bad seed turns into a rotten tree and bears rotten fruit. The Primal Adam was the “Son of God” according to Luke 3:38. The Primal Adam had the good seed, and would make good fruit (children). When you resemble the Primal Adam (male+female) then you will be called the “Son of man.” Remember “Adam” means “Man.”

How do we do that? As we’ve seen earlier the Body of Christ is the Son of Man. The Body of Christ has Christ as the head and the body is made up of the Bride of Christ. When you become one with Christ, you’ve become one with the body of Christ, i.e. you’ve become one with the Son of Man (and all you females have become male). The Primal Adam was called “Adam” a masculine term (even though it included Eve). So, too, the body of Christ is considered by many to be a masculine term, but believers who share the same plan and purpose as Jesus (Yehoshua) are a part of his body. So we’re all the Son of Man.

However, before people knew the plan and purpose of Christ, they were not “one” with him. So before Jesus (Yehoshua) started his ministry, there was one “born of a woman” who was prophesying.

Matthew 11:11 Verily I say unto you, Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist: notwithstanding he (that is least in the kingdom of heaven) is greater than he.

Those of us in the “kingdom of heaven” are greater than John the Baptist who was “born of a woman.” This is because those in the “Kingdom of heaven” are considered “Son of Man,” AKA “The Body of Christ.”

The Ancient of Days

Another name attributed to the Primal Adam is the Ancient of Days seen in Daniel 7:9-22. From Ancient of Days:

“The Ancient of Days, as it is described in Zoharic literature, is the garment for the sacred Primordial Adam. This is the cosmic adjustment/alignment of infinite light vis-a-vis the Primordial Adam. The act of clothing the upper body of Primordial Adam is the adjustment itself. This first covering (enclothing/protection, as it were) is through this state of the Ancient of Days. There are two major cosmic adjustments tikkunim. One tikkun is the protecting of Primordial Adam; this happens when the Ancient of Days bedecks and covers Primordial Adam. The second tikkun is when all entitities/archetypes/partzufim manifest and become the adornments of the Great Face — the Macro Face (Mavo Shearim, Shaar Gimmel 1:1).”

(Kabbalah of Creation: The Mysticism of Isaac Luria, Founder of Modern Kabbalah, by Eliahu Klein, Hayyim ben Joseph Vital, Isaac ben Solomon Luria, p. 219)

From a Christian perspective, the “garment” may be the Bride of Christ that is being gathered together to unite with Christ. The glory that the Son of Man returns with is all of his “brethren” AKA the Bride of Christ.

Why Did The Primal Adam Split?

The Primal Adam had the male nature and female nature inside, but because they were together, there was no way to experience themselves. As stated before we can’t experience “good” without “bad.” We can’t experience “love” without “loss.” The Primal Adam was created in a perfect union, but they didn’t know they were. They couldn’t know it was a perfect union, until they were separate and lost the unity.

Genesis 2:18 And YHWH God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper (against) him. 19 And out of the ground YHWH God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam (Primal Adam) to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. 20 And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him. 21 And YHWH God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his sides, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; 22 And the side, which YHWH God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. 23 And Adam said, She is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. 24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. 25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.

The phrase “face-to-face” could be summed up with the terminology of being “against” someone, as discussed in the article on Jacob seeing God face-to-face when he wrestled an angel, it can mean a “divine battle.” Our spouse reflects ourself back to ourself, the good and the bad. In this moment, when Adam and Eve were separated they were still “good” and didn’t know what “bad” was. But when Eve was apart from Adam, that’s when the story says she “fell,” and became beguiled.

The early followers didn’t believe Adam sinned, perhaps because the split and ‘bad” needed to happen so we could know just how “good” it was to be reunited. The body of the Primal Adam divided, to lead up to the point when the Body of Christ would be reunited, into the second Adam.

If you’d like to study more on the commonalities between Adam and Jesus (Yehoshua), this page is interesting, though I don’t agree with everything, of course, because I don’t think Adam sinned and I don’t believe in an “evil” entity named Satan. See also the article “The Cursed Serpent & Kundalini Serpent That Moses Held Up.” The serpent was necessary to move us along to knowing what “good” was. We can’t be overcomers and return like the prodigal son, and know forgiveness, and be raised up as serpents ourselves until we’ve made our mistakes, and repented.

The Atom and Electron

There are many people who believe that the story of Adam and Eve is purely allegorical for how electrons can come out of an atom (read: Adam). Rather than the idea that the story of Adam and Eve came afterwards. It makes more sense that people came up with the names for “Atom” based on the story of Adam. There are similarities in these, of course.

One interesting tidbit I found during my research for this article, was a reference to Atomus. The wikipedia article suggests that this name may have had nothing to do with Simon the Magician, but others disagree:

“What about the always fascinating character Simon magus? Eisenman indentifies him with a magician named Simon of whom Josephus recounts that he helped Bernice convince her sister Drusilla to dump her husband King Azizus of Emesa, who had gotten circumcized to marry her, so she could take up wth the uncircumcized Felix instead. Josephus’ magician Simon is a Cypriot, while Acts’ Simon Magus is said by later writers to hale from Gitta in Samaria, but this actually strengthens the connection, since it was natural to confuse “Gitta” with the “Kittim,” or Sea Peoples of Cyprus.

Not only so, but Eisenman notes that some manuscripts of Josephus name the magician “Atomus,” which Eisenman connects with the Primal Adam doctrine he sees implied in Simon’s claim to have been the Standing One reincarnated many times. But there is a closer link still, that Eisenman chanced not to note. Anyone can see that Luke has created the episode of Saul/Paul squaring off against Elymas the sorcerer (Acts 13:8 ff) as a Pauline counterpart to Peter’s contest with Simon Magus in Acts 8:9ff (in fact, Elymas’ patronymic “bar-Jesus” as likely as not reflects the claim Simon made to have recently appeared in Judea as Jesus). So Elymas is simply Simon Magus. And, what do you know?, the Western Text of Acts gives the name as Etoimas or Etomas instead of Elymas! Thus, Simon Magus = Elymas = Etomas = Atomus = Josephus’ Simon = Simon Magus.”  (Robert M Price)

Simon the Magician was the one claiming to be the Messiah, but also claiming to be higher than the Most High, so he was an Anti-Christ figure. It’s very interesting, if it’s the same person, that he claimed to be the Standing One and Atomus, which links the idea of “Atom” and “Adam” even closer.

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  1. I was with you until you started talking about angels. I’ve recently concluded a word study on ma’lak in the tanakh. It’s the word the English translators have translated as angel. It’s used 213 times in the tanakh and 62.5% percent of the time it refers to humans. 37% of the time it refers to God including under shaliah (agency) and there is one single verse, less than a half of a percent where the reference is vague and it happens in Jacob’s ladder dream.

    I highly doubt the existence of angels such as an angelic race of non humans as shown from other cultures outside of ancient hebrew.

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