John St Julien on The Sacred Secretion (Oil of Gladness) Chrism Anointing

John St Julien on The Sacred Secretion (Oil of Gladness) Chrism Anointing

I’m not well-versed or studied on this particular subject. But it’s very interesting and John St Julien has been teaching about it on his YouTube channel and Facebook page. If you’d like to more about it check those links out and I’ll share some of his posts and videos concerning this subject below.

On November 4th, 2017, John posted the following on Facebook.

Anointing with Olive Oil? 

I have always been utterly baffled by the ritual, and concept of anointing people with Olive Oil in Christianity… That was until I looked at anatomy, and our body, and the ancient teachings of Esoteric Christianity…

I will say first of all, that I understand, and respect the need for such rituals in certain persons spiritual practice, and belief systems, but I also a need to clear a few things up inside the beautiful, much needed and sadly somewhat lost side of Christianity…

If you take a majority percentage of the youth, or all ages for that matter in the west today, you will find among them addictions of all orders. Pornography is likely the most common sadly, and sexual immorality in general… The there are those addictions to substance, alcohol, junk foods, drugs and so on… Then there are the less spoken of addictions, such as TV and alike… Now some of these things can be deemed as harmless, and normal, but all are dangerous, make no mistake about it.

So let me take the first one as an example, let us take pornography as it is likely one of the most corrosive things our society faces at present with the advent of smart phones in the hands of children… We have in every settlement in the culture and society i grew up in an outlet for Christianity. Inside those outlets, we call churches, it is no secret that the connection between the community as a whole and the teachings of Christ are growing further and further apart as the years go by sadly…

and rightly so, as some of the most important origins of Christianity are lost, and I believe when they are found again, a great many more people will find Christ with it… Why do I believe that? As every time I make a video, I get hundreds and now thousands of people thanking me for by the grace of God thankfully bringing them back to Christ in a way that works for them and makes sense. Recently one video has been watched over 600,000 times in 2 weeks, so I am at the centre of a very large survey in a way!

So you take a pornography addict to church, and the priest takes a bottle of Olive oil and rubs it on his or her head. Herby anointing that person with Olive Oil… Now what? Well, he or she leaves church, walks home and before long the impulses of the flesh rise up, and they are back to their addictions.

So did anointing help at all? Or did someone just get an oily head which does nothing at all to draw a man or woman closer to God, if he or she is already distanced from God… Well obviously it is the latter…

Now though, what if there was a real anointing, one the church had missed? and one that can actually give a person the tools they need to overcome addiction!!? Well, there is…

First lets look at the etymology of Christ, its origins being Kristos, meaning “anointed one…”

Now lets look at the ancient Christian teachings brought forth by the same Greek mystics who first wrote the original New Testament in Greek…

These great minds spoke of an internal oil, a substance, referred to in the bible as “the oil of gladness”
“You have loved righteousness, and hated lawlessness, therefore God, Your God, Has anointed you with the oil of Gladness above your brethren
In modern science, I propose we must call this oil cerebrospinal fluid… that which is secreted in the claustrum, between the cerebrum of the brain. Coincidentally the Cerebrum of our brain match the description of the “Cheribum” angels of the arc of the covenant perfectly, but that is another post altogether!

The ancients had a belief, that I now in my life call a knowing… that preserving this fluid, by living righteously in love, with temperance in all things, from deed, to eating habits, to thought to spoken word, raises this fluid through our spinal nervous system. This can be witnessed in the acidity of our bodies in fact, that if we are not temerant, do not fast, or overeat, the body grows too acidic and the sensitive fluids to not make a full connection throughout the central nervous system and spinal column.

In short, when you indulge in wickedness, you are not anointed with the oil of gladness… You remain lost in the carnal mind, the ego, the stranger with in us all, the linear processing system of our brain that we mistake as ourselves.\

So where is the Olive in this? Well in the 12th cranial nerve of the body. known as the hypoglossal, we have a component still known today in medical science, and in ancient times as… “The Olive..”

The cerebrospinal fluid, or the Chrism (chrsit within us?) must pass through that Olive if it is indeed preserved by those who have hated wickedness, and become anointed by the oil of gladness…Thus, those who live away from wickedness, in the love and discipline of Christ, with temperance in heart, action, mind and the pursuit of Christ in deed, are anointed with Olive oil…

When they are, it is said their mind body connection is amplified as the circuity of our body is more whole and joyous, we are anointed with gladness.
This amplified mind body connection is also the beginning to something new in the life of those who are truly anointed, as when their body impulses cries out for their addiction, their stimulus of the flesh and not the spirit… Their true self can overcome the flesh, and quite simply say no… I will not partake in this… It is not of my highest good…

How do I know then its not literal, and it is this olive.. well…. The bible kind of gives it away….

Deut 28:40 “Thou shalt have olive trees throughout all thy coasts, but thou shalt not anoint thyself with the oil; for thine olive shall cast his fruit. 41Thou shalt beget sons and daughters, but thou shalt not enjoy them; for they shall go into captivity. 42All thy trees and fruit of thy land shall the locust consume. 43The stranger that is within thee shall get up above thee very high; and thou shalt come down very low. 44He shall lend to thee, and thou shalt not lend to him: he shall be the head, and thou shalt be the tail.”

It says in short… dont anoint yourself with Olives of the tree. Your children will be captive (how many are captive today to drugs and pornography etc?) The stranger with in thee is your ego, your carnal mind… If you are not anointed with the righteous life, your carnal mind wins, the stranger becomes you… you begin to identify as and with the linear processing system we call our brain and not yourself.
Its the anatomy of prayer… the coded layer of the bible and other texts that tells us how to be free of the lower self in short…

So how does a man or woman begin to raise this energy, this fluid, this Christ with in? Well, first you must create a strong mind-body connection so you can say no to your addictions and weak behaviours… once you do this, you can truly begin to hate wickedness, as you have the tools to say no to it! Meditation is mental discipline, and a life without any mental discipline as most have had, means most of us have some catching up to do, in fasting, meditation. prayer and temperance stakes…

If a man truly wants to change, he must be anointed with olive oil, but not externally, as this will in most instances, just give you an oily forehead and perhaps a spot or two… but if a man manages to internally anoint, then he will draw closer to God than he has been since childhood, and the carnal mind of such a man will be subserviant to the will of his spirit, after all we must switch of that carnal mind at some point, and somehow, as the bible says, “the carnal mind is not subject to the laws of God” so switch it off, raise up, and be anointed…
Then embrace Christ and mother father God in your life, with discipline, and ease…

Of course I could be wrong, but if you give me a drug addict for one month, and I teach him or her to anoint internally from how the ancients deem it, they will start to recover… if the pope himself rubs olive oil on his or head for 10 years whilst never addressing the inner workings of the problem, they will never recover.

Meditation is key… it is the thing missing from Churches all across the world. The people are like lambs to the slaughter, even the pastors are! In a world where the enemy controls the media, and with it destroys at every turn the mind body connection, then without meditation and mental discipline, the majority of man, woman, child, or pastor can not hope to combat the weakness of the flesh and its temptations…

Go with in is my message, and I borrowed that message from Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and more…
But the church has forgotten it it seems…
“Seek first the kingdom” “The kingdom is with in you” “Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered.”

All those churches can change this world, but perhaps they need to start maturing, changing and doing what Jesus taught, not what they have become accustomed to doing??

Love, light and mysticism all x

On April 1st, 2018, John posted the following on Facebook.

Happy Easter all! Or Resurrection, Equinox or however you define it!

I decided to make a video about the forgotten Resurrection, and one I very much know can change this world forever, and for the better!

I know many people feel that due to the literal resurrection we are already saved by the sacrifice, but despite this the world is still in great turmoil. I have seen over the years pastors and men and women of God, who have given their lives to Jesus, Fail in a terrible way. Iv seem them steal, Iv seen them lie become sexually immoral and so on. Now of course they are humans with human floors, but when they go to bed each night, having given their life to Jesus or all that is loving, yet live a life for the enemy, they must wonder what went wrong!? Well what went wrong was they never observed the Crucifixion inside themselves ultimately.

We humans have a divine anatomy of prayer, we do not need to know how it works if we do not need too, just as I can drive a car without knowing all the engine workings, so too we can live a righteous life of love and service, without knowing how God alters our anatomy internally as we do.

We have all met people who are filled with light, and have a healing vibe or energy to them, then we have met the opposite who make you want to leave the room! Well, this is God, and by his design of our physical bodies, there is a mental and physical mechanism to being filled with light or not.

At Easter we celebrate the Resurrection, and what an expression of love that is. That mother father creator would harm their own child to be able to gain your love, I would not harm my child for it, so Its a powerful idea when contemplated upon.

However what we fail to do is celebrate the two other resurrections, the one inside of us and the one above us!

The part of the story of Jesus and his crucifixion and resurrection that is important here, is as follows:

1.) Jesus having been betrayed is crucified upon a cross at Golgotha or Calvary at the age of 33.
2.) He is Crucified between two thieves.
3.) He is wounded 5 times on the cross. One in each limb and a spear in the ribs.
4.) The world plunges into darkness for 3 hours before he dies.
5.) At the point of death he is no longer a man Jesus, but the Christ for he ascends to his fathers house.
6.) He is placed in a tomb
7.) 3 days later Jesus is resurrected from the dead and lives again.

Now let me move onto the anatomy of prayer, and how God created the Christ Code with in the bible!

There in Christian Gnostic and mystic texts a substance they refer to as the Chrism.

This oily substance is secreted in the Claustrum of your brain and joins the Cerebro spinal fluid. It is said that it is in preserving this substance with righteous living that we become full of light as i mentioned before. We all know such people, perhaps you are one?

They say this substance is “The oil of gladness”…

Psalm 45:7 says… “Thou lovest righteousness, and hatest wickedness: therefore God, thy God, hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows.” this is a reference to the Chrism, or Christ with in you.

It is referenced also in John 21:7, well its in many places in fact!

“But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.”

So the ancients who wrote the oldest Christian books on the planet the Gnostics and Coptics were saying that this Chrism is the physical way by which we fill with the light of Christ. The substance was said to be volatile to over eating, bad feelings and emotions, alcohol and the misuse of sexual conduct.

When we focused to much on the flesh this substance would sever in the cerebrospinal fluid and not make its journey to your skull.

So what is that Journey?


1.) The Chrism must travel your thirty three vertabrae to your skull or Golgotha/Calvary to be crucified. Its good to not as it does this journey it passes the “Oilive of the 12th cranial nerve” hence this rubbing oil on our heads tradition that has no effect on anyone, but the internal Olive oil can change your life forever!

2.) The Chrism must be crucified in your skull, or amplified in power. This happens at the Pineal Gland. “For I have seen God face to face, and I call that place pineal” Gen 32:30

The pineal is situated between your eyes. The eyes are your thieves, for they make you focus on the external and not the internal dwelling place of Gods kingdom. “Seek first the kingdom of God”… “The Kingdom of God is with in you..”

Its also good to note that the Pineal is in the Thalamus area of your brain. Thalamus literally means “Inner chamber” in Greek…

“But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thine inner chamber, and having shut thy door, pray to thy Father who is in secret, and thy Father who seeth in secret shall recompense thee.”

In short enter your Thalamus area, for it is the temple built with out hands, and the dwelling place of God.

3.) Your 5 senses must be overcome! You can not love righteousness and hate wickedness, if you are a slave to your 5 sense pleasures and desires of the flesh. You overcome these 5 senses by doing as was instructed by Jesus.

“Take no thought for your life” and “Let thine eye be single and your whole body will fill with light”

You shut up your carnal mind, as the thoughts of the carnal mind are the thing that makes us go astray in life, it makes us gluttons, immoral, liars and so on and so forth. When you have no lower mind getting you into trouble the Chrism will return to the Pineal Gland, or single eye as Jesus referred to it.

Or you can do as David did, you can take “5” stones (5 senses) and strike the carnal mind “Goliath” in the forehead, exactly where the pineal is located. Its both the same thing!

4/6.) When you raise the Chrism it sits in the hypothalamus for 3 days, just as the darkness of the world came before Christ finally ascended to the Father.

5.) When we separate from our carnal mind, we are left with nothing but the divine mind and higher functions. If we fast, pray and meditate our 5 senses will die, and our spirit will be liberated from the flesh and we can as Jesus did ascend to the father. Only thing is we dont die forever of course.

7.) The Chrism spends 3 days in the hypothalamus, then it continues its journey to anoint the Pineal and Pituatary Gland, at which point “Your eye is single and your body fills with light” or “You see God face to face in the place they call peniel…”

That is the resurrection inside of you, and that is the resurrection those pastors and people who gave their lives to Christ, but had no dominion over their flesh, need to observe more than any other.

Now one more resurrection is in the sky! Astrologically speaking Easter should have been celebrated at Christmas!

1.) On December 21st the Sun passes into the constellation of the crux. (Its good to note here, that Jesus is not his name) Jesus was given to Yeshua by the Greeks who wrote the new testament. Why?

I H S O U S (iota, eta, sigma, omicron, upsilon, sigma) is the greek.

The values of each letter are: iota, 10; eta, 8; sigma, 200; omicron, 70; upsilon, 400; sigma, 200. The sum of 10 + 8 + 200 + 70 + 400 + 200 is 888. 888 is the number of the SUN not son, but Solar SUN in the sky. They wanted to call him SOLAR SUN?

2.) This happens between 2 points of the year where all over the planet there is no harvest. You might call these two points thieves? For they steal away our crops!

3.) At which point the world plunges into darkness for 3 days, as we face the 3 shortest days of the year. Remember 3 hours of darkness before Jesus ascended, and 3 days in the tomb before resurrection.

4.) The SUN (Or Jesus as the Greeks named him with reason) ascends and is resurrected from the shortest days of the year. As it rises, it rises between Sagitarius and Capricorn, the horse and the goat, or in the manger.

So these are the Crucifixions and resurrections of the world…

No matter which you observe, they are all important to God, or he would not have created this code for some to find.

The important thing for me however is this, if you are anointed with the oil of gladness, and you know you live a good, pious and righteous life… then Happy Easter, and keep on with God as you are. 🙂

If however you are like those pastors i mentioned, and go to bed with memories you don’t want, like over eating, drinking too much, not being kind to others, using pornography, drugs and all other immoralities you would not discuss as your habits with your children or with your elders even, then I tell you this, there is a way out!

Simply observe the Crucifixion with in, and you will open the higher mind, and all those thoughts that dont make you your best version of you, will be silent, and your best version can become the noisy one, if only for a while 🙂

So Happy Easter everyone, there are no mistakes in this world, as you look to the brightest light in the sky, you wonder if it powered the supposed brightest light in the human race, and as the Chrism is raised up from the Solar (Sun) plexus (Nerves) then you wonder if we only knew how to return the bright light inside of us, and we all “Filled with light” what sort of a beautiful world we might live in…

Love and light all 🙂 x

And on October 12th, 2017 he posted the following on Facebook.

I say as humbly as I can, as a man with one of the most watched videos on youtube on this topic, and one of the worlds largest collection of online material on the topic, I had to make this video this morning…

For years I have tried to share to the best of my ability, certain knowledge and teachings that have been lost in the esoteric codes of such world-changing texts as the Bible, the Quran, Vedas/Upanishads/Bgvd Gita and the Dharmas, all of which contain this knowledge, yet all of which find ways to share their differences more often than not, instead of their similarities…

Many Christians will call out saying the only way to God is through Jesus, he said so, thus other faiths are doomed… many Muslims call those who do not believe in Allah infidels and non-believers… but the truth that is present in both religions, that such people never quite see, is what matters.

Now what the ancient, hidden and suppressed sciences show, is that in each human, we are aligned with the same common spiritual anatomy. This is a physical and metaphysical anatomy. Just as your brain is a physical organ, but your thoughts are not seen in their when you operate on it.

Within one of the religions that a text I aforementioned is from, Hinduism, this anatomy is spoken of clearly and openly. Lets not forget their writings predate all others mentioned with it, “The Vedas…”

They speak of Kundalini, an energy that is electrical if you will in nature, an energy that can be used to describe a feeling of vitality and its origins. An energy that promotes health, and an energy we all know at some time, from the orgasm. Now this is described to be a coiled serpent, that can heal and liberate humanity. Just as Moses had a golden coiled serpent that healed and liberated his people in the bible, just as Moses held up a staff to cross the red sea, that was once a serpent.

Yet of course in Christianity, many people perceive these stories as purely literal and lose their context as we know.

So this energy, that is present in all faiths, more apparent in some than others… is called Kundalini in its oldest recorded form on earth.

This energy is physical and metaphysical also, just as thoughts and feelings come from organs with in us, yet can not be physically seen inside us.

The Kundalini travels the 33 vertebrae, Jesus is crucified at 33 (amplified in power, as the ancient work translates) and when the kundalini reaches the brain it amplifies our mental capacity and functionality as a human being, and with it antenna of prayer. This naturally results in an amplified union with God and spirit via our intuitive functions. It is said this energy must pass our 7 energy centres, known as chakras, simply meaning energy wheel, before it returns to our inner heaven, our higher mind.

Now among all of that there is the physical also… a substance called Chrism. Not the perfume used in catholic ceremonies, but a substance from with in the mind that mixes with our cerebrospinal fluid, to create the physical journey of the Kundalini. The word Christ, means in its etymology “The anointed one” this is the origin of the word, the anointed one. This Chrism, is simply the christ with in us.

When we live without temperance, without discipline, indulge in alcohol, or the over eating of acid forming foods like meat “keep not company with gluttons and drunks” as it is written… we destroy the chrism, and we do not function at our fullest capacity in God.

However, when you do as instructed by Jesus, by Buddha, Krishna, the teachings brough via the prophets of Allah and so on…then you, whether you know this or not, preseve that secretion, that chrism, and you become a human who functions on a higher spiritual level of consciousness than others…

This is the greatest secret never told, and the savior of humanity. For when returned, over eating, substance abuse, immorality, disconnection from God, and heart and all other human weaknesses, are washed away. For our higher mind does not need to over eat, or seek sexual immorality, for it is in itself complete, and makes those who dwell with int it feel complete with it.

Jim Carrey whom I made a video about last month, has in short, and however briefly, just mentioned this suppressed, hidden and stolen knowledge of the human virtues on live TV… and I could not be happier to see truth making its way to the masses, however few research it matters no… I know many will, and that I pray is the road to truth and liberation for all of humanity.

If i never believed that i wouldnt have one of the largest catalogues of online informtaion on the topic on planet Earth.

I have hundreds videos sharing this suppressed knowledge, as I know it can end so much suffering and inequality and in justice on earth.

Many people can not obey religions, as they see no end Goal to it… but you tell people God placed in you a substance, and its existence is encoded in every religions text as i have shown, and i believe in my heart many of the modern generations will seek the truth. They will seek wholeness, they will seek the higher virtues of humanity. They will live as Christ asked of them, they will fast, they will pray, they stop the booze culture, the self love over love of others, the porn addictions, the drug addictions the mindlessness of daily entertainment… they will stop as they will feel whole, if only once they return the Chrism, they will need to go back to it, and all the distractions the elitists have laid at our feet to keep them elevated in power, and humanity suppressed from their best functioning self will be meaningless… and the world walk in the positivity of love we call the Christ, instead of the shadow of the anti christ we live in now.

The Christ knows only love, truth and justice, the anti christ claims it cant afford to feed the hungry, but can fire countless missiles at the innocent at will without a concern for the costs, which are far greater than food i assure you.

This knowledge is needed, and I hope many thousands look into this upon hearing the words of a man, i presume has begun to shake the elitist from his back…

Love, light and Christ all x


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  1. Amazing learnings. l would like to know whether John St Julian conducts any physical courses or retreats on The Sacred Secretion. l believe so many would benefit profoundly meetung him, learning and getting questions answered physically

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