Why Do People Beg, Fight, and Steal? False Beliefs.

Why Do People Beg, Fight, and Steal? False Beliefs.

What is it about us that causes us to feel like we are without something and/or to covet what someone else has? We see it everywhere. This desire is what causes many wars, such as those that set out to gain land, resources, or defending their property and rights (which they are afraid they will lose and thus be without). On a smaller scale, it’s what may cause fights between best buddies when they both fall for the same person. It might cause a junior high boy to pick a fight with a girl he likes because he’s too afraid to talk to her and this is the only way he knows how to interact with her.

Why Do We Covet?

In every case of people feeling as if they are without, the cause has to do with the false belief that they can’t have what they think they don’t have. I’m not talking about the specific person (in the case of coveting thy neighbor), but when you covet a person, what you’re really coveting is a relationship that you think will satisfy you.

  • If you covet money, it’s because you think you can’t have as much as you want. This is not true.
  • If you covet a good relationship with someone, it’s because you think you can’t have that good relationship with someone yourself. This is not true.
  • If you covet the stability and freedom someone else has, it’s because you think you can’t have that freedom yourself. This is not true.
  • If you lust for meat, it’s because you think you can’t have a great tasting meal or proper nutrition without taking the natural life from an animal. This is not true.

According to the law of attraction, you can have everything that you have ever desired without taking from someone or something else. The article about no longer being a slave discusses how the law of attraction is a gift from God to get us back to that heavenly state of the garden of Eden. If you’re curious about the meat comment, the early followers of Jesus (Yehoshua) taught that we weren’t supposed to eat meat, and the perfect diet of YHWH in Genesis is vegan.

It’s a Lack of Faith

According to the science we’re hearing of today, our perception literally shapes our reality. Everyone who has played around with changing their perceptions (due to the law of attraction discussion these days) has found this to be true. If you believe you will always quickly catch a cab, you will. Your spirit will know the perfect timing for you to reach the curb. Our spirit, higher self, inner being, spirit guide, YHWH’s Holy Spirit, etc… whatever you want to call it, knows all and knows the perfect time for us to reach the curb in order to get the cab quickly. But if we believe that we never catch a cab quickly, we will never feel the right spiritual nudges and we’ll have bad timing and have to wait a long time to catch a cab.

The movie What the Bleep Do We Know discusses the science behind this.


If we believe we can’t have something, then we will perceive a world in which we can’t have it. Those who believe they can’t stop sinning, will always stay stuck a slave to sin. But those who have faith that Jesus (Yehoshua) taught us how to stop sinning, since he came to free us from being slaves to sin, they will be free indeed by being good disciples and listening to his teachings and doing them.

The Law of Attraction Is a Test of Faith

You aren’t being tested in the sense that if you fail you “go to hell.” The mainstream Christian belief in hell is based off of mistranslations. Our article on the Lake of Fire shows that the lake of fire is not a punishment but is for purification and not to be feared. But people are condemned currently. Jesus (Yehoshua) came not to judge the world, because people were already being judged by the time he showed up.

John 3:17 For God sent not His son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. 18 He that believes on him is not condemned: but he that believes not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten son of God. 19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. 20 For every one that does evil hates the light, neither comes to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. 21 But he that does truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.

People were already being condemned to being in the darkness. When we perceive that we can’t stop sinning, we become slaves to sin, we get stuck in outer darkness, weeping and gnashing our teeth. But then someone comes and says you can be free if you do what I say. If you listen to him and do what he says you can be free. He told people to go and sin no more. Yet, many people, when confronted with those verses, try to weasel out and say they are still stuck slaves to sin and cherry pick verses to support their position.

They don’t have faith that Jesus (Yehoshua) truly came to free them from being slaves to sin. The bible says that God can get out of every single temptation because He’s faithful (1 Corinthians 10:13). The writer of the book of 1 John said those who are children of God don’t commit sin, and that children of the devil make themselves known if they do sin (1 John 3:1-10). Jesus (Yehoshua) told us to be perfect just like our Heavenly Father is perfect (Matthew 5:48). The early followers of Jesus (Yehoshua), the Essenes, practiced righteousness. They had faith and walked in that faith.

Jesus (Yehoshua) said that, so long as we pray in his name/character, we can have everything we want. We need to not sin in order to get it. The law of attraction is a purification process, for sure. So long as we sin we attract that into our lives so we have to purify ourselves as God is pure. But then we will no longer see through a glass darkly, and we will see Him as He is.

LoA and Getting What You Want

In order to receive the freedom, money, love, etc. that you want, you have to feel as if you already have it and be thankful. In other words, you have to be 100% faithful that God has answered your prayer as soon as you prayed it. When we start to appreciate that we do have enough money, and we do have enough love in our lives, and as we feel that feeling of thanking God for what we do have, we change our perception from one of thinking we don’t have it, to one of thinking we do have it, and we become less spiritually blinded and start to see that we really, really do have it.

The Fall of Mankind

Our ungratefulness for what we have spiritually (or vibrationally) blinds us from seeing what we have (because our perception is limiting our reality). Then we think we don’t have what we really did have to begin with. Once our perception has been limited, our “reality” falls down the vibrational ladder. We feel like we’ve descended from heaven on earth into hell on earth.

The Sin of Eve Was Not Eating the Fruit

The following is from an article by L. Ray Smith.


It is believed by most that the Ten Commandments, if followed by everyone, would eliminate all of the problems of the world. Did you know that it is possible to keep ALL of the ten commandments without having the spirit of God or without being spiritually converted? ‘Tis true. Here are the commandments:

  1. You shall have none other gods before Me,
  2. You shall not make you any graven image…,”
  3. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain…,”
  4. Keep the Sabbath day to sanctify it…,”
  5. Honor your father and your mother…,”
  6. You shall not kill [murder],
  7. Neither shall you commit adultery,
  8. Neither shall you steal
  9. Neither shall you bear false witness against your neighbor,
  10. Neither shall you covet…

Yes, even unaided by the Holy Spirit of God it is possible to keep these commandments of God. And the proof of this is simple: The penalty for breaking any of these commandments was death, and yet, most in Israel were not stoned to death for breaking these commandments. All of these commandments are referred to as “carnal commandments” in the New Testament (Heb. 7:16). They do not require a converted spiritual heart to keep and obey.

There was ONE commandment, however, that was of a spiritual nature. It had to do with the desires and inclination of the heart. It was the 10th commandment:

“Neither shall you desire [covet] your neighbor’s wife… house… field… manservant… maidservant… ox… ass… or any thing that is your neighbor’s” (Deut. 5:7-21).

However, was anyone ever stoned in ancient Israel for coveting any thing that belonged to his neighbor? No. Never. One could “covet” anything he wanted all day long, just so long as he didn’t break any of the other nine commandments!

One could “covet” his neighbor’s wife, just as long as he didn’t commit adultery with her—for that he would be stoned to death.

One could “covet” his neighbor’s ox, just so long as he didn’t steal it—for that he would be stoned to death.

Oh “coveting” was a sin all right, but since it cannot be detected by man unless it eventuates into stealing or the like, no penalty was enforced on such an one. However, to Paul, it was this commandment that proved to him that his heart was not right with God even though he performed all the visible and outward duties of the law:

“…for I had not known [Gk: “would not have known’] lust, except the law had said, “Thou shalt not covet” (Rom. 7:7).

So lusting and coveting that which is not legal, is a sin, but it carried no penalty in Ancient Israel. But before a man ever steals, or ever commits adultery with another man’s wife, he first covets, and that is a sin and the precursor to additional sins. But is it man’s will that does the coveting? Can man’s will, will NOT to covet? Is man’s “will” the problem? No, no, it is NOT.


Man’s mind is not the birthplace of sin. And certainly man’s will is not the originator of sin. God did NOT say: “O that there were such a WILL in them…” (Deut. 5:29). If we will just believe, our Lord tells us plainly where sin originates:

“And Jesus said, Are ye [all of you] also yet without understanding?

Do not ye yet understand, that whatsoever enters in at the mouth goes into the belly, and is cast out into the draught?

But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth FROM THE HEART; and they defile the man.

For out of THE HEART proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies:

These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashed hands defiles not a man” (Matt. 15:16-20).

Need I remind any that all of the above thoughts and deeds are sin?

So what pray tell does all this stuff have to do with Mother Eve’s sin in the garden? A lot—everything. The Apostle John classifies all sins into just three categories under one heading.


“Love NOT the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father IS NOT IN HIM. For [for means “because’] ALL that is in the world,

  1. the lust of the FLESH,
  2. the lust of the EYES,
  3. and the pride of LIFE,

is not of the Father, but is of the world.

And the world passes away, and the lust thereof: but he that does the will of God abides for ever” (I John 2:15-17).

Notice that “…ALL that is in the world…”—all the sins of the world, have their origin in one of these three categories of sin that proceeds “out of THE HEART.” Not out of the “will” or out of the “mind,” but “out of THE HEART.” The “will” and the “mind” are subject to the “heart,” and not the other way around. The heart is not subject to the will, neither is the heart subject to the mind, but rather both of these are subject to the birthplace of all human functions—the HEART!

Simply and unarguably, Jesus states as a fact, that all evil thoughts and sins proceed OUT OF THE HEART.

Now, with all that said, let’s prove once and for all that Mother Eve and Adam were (1) NOT spiritually perfect in any way shape or form, BEFORE they actually ate of the forbidden fruit, and (2) neither did they sin and then partake of the forbidden fruit through the operation of something called “free will.”

“And when the woman saw that the tree was GOOD FOR FOOD… Gen. 3:6:

  1. “…lust of the FLESH…” (I John 2:15)and that it was PLEASANT TO THE EYES…Gen. 3:6:
  2. “…lust of the EYES…” (I John 2:15)

    and a tree to be DESIRED TO MAKE ONE WISE
    Gen. 3:6:
  3. “…the PRIDE OF LIFE” (I John 2;15)

Eve committed EVERY CATEGORY OF SIN THERE IS IN THE WORLD, before… BEFORE she actually ate of the forbidden fruit.

ALL of Eve’s evil thoughts of pride, vanity, lust, greed, disobedience, and finally thievery proceeded NOT from Eve’s supposed “free will,” but rather from out of her HEART. And the only reason these sins could come out of her heart is because THEY WERE ALREADY IN THERE FROM THE BEGINNING. BEFORE Eve actually ate of the forbidden fruit, she committed every category of sin in the world. And need I remind us that we were also, ALL IN ADAM, before he ate of the tree (I Cor. 15:22). Will we deny our own eyes and the Scriptures we have just read?

The Essenes didn’t believe Adam and Eve actually sinned, so I think the story of the fall is actually a parable. I believe that just as Israelites today call themselves such because of Israel being their forefather, so too did the sinners get called Eve. According to the Essenes in the Clementine Homilies 8, their children were the ones to fall, and they fell because they were ungrateful.

But they, because they had at first no experience of evils, being insensible to the gift of good things, were turned to ingratitude by abundance of food and luxuries, so that they even thought that there is no Providence, since they had not by previous labour got good things as the reward of righteousness, inasmuch as no one of them had fallen into any suffering or disease, or any other necessity; so that, as is usual for men afflicted on account of wicked transgression, they should look about for the God who is able to heal them. But immediately after their despite, which proceeded from fearlessness and secure luxury, a certain just punishment met them, as following from a certain arranged harmony, removing from them good things as having hurt them, and introducing evil things instead, as advantageous.Chapter XI. Cause of the Fall of Man

When we have no need to be thankful because we have everything we could possibly desire (as in the Garden of Eden) we run the risk of becoming ungrateful. When we are ungrateful, according to the law of attraction (or the “certain arranged harmony”) we limit our reality due to our perception and then we can no longer see things to be grateful for, and therefore man falls into a hell on earth of his own making.

To Get Everything We Want We Need To Be Grateful

Some people say the “Law of Attraction” is “evil”, that it’s something wicked people do to become their own god. But the Law of Attraction relies on you being thankful and appreciative in order to receive. At the core of the LoA is the appreciation for That Which Gives To Us. People can all it the universe, spirit, God, love, or whatever names they want to call it, but they need to be appreciative in order to receive. They need to be grateful. That is worshiping the Father in spirit and in truth.

Garden of Eden Perfection

If we realized that we can have every single thing we actually, truly desire with the Law of Attraction and we don’t need to take from another person in order to get it, the fights could stop. The coveting would be over with. Imagine a world where there’s no reason to attack another country for more resources because we already have everything we need. There’s no need to kill another person out of jealousy because you can have the relationship you want without taking from another. We can have enough resources and food without taking animals lives. We can have financial freedom without trying to scam one another out of their hard-earned money. We don’t need these negative things in our lives.

They all stem from the false belief that we can’t have what we want. And some people will learn this faster than others. It doesn’t matter if everyone is on the same page as you are in this journey. You can have everything you want without scamming another, without hurting another, without coveting what another has. It’s all available to you, if you’re willing to walk through the fire to get it. The Lake of Fire is about purification. It purifies the negative things we don’t like in ourselves right out of us.

Whenever we see someone and get jealous, we should take the time to think about why we felt like they have something we think we can’t, and focus our energies on realizing that it’s a false belief that you can’t have it, and start being appreciative of what you do have. Mediation will help you release the resistance to the good things flowing into your life also.

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