Meditation For Dummies: How I Finally Got Into The Meditative State

Meditation For Dummies: How I Finally Got Into The Meditative State

Oftentimes when we’re trying to pray for something, or feel the feeling of already having it (law of attraction), we still run into a sort of wall that blocks off the good things coming to us. This is called resistance. We are resisting the answer to our prayer, or resisting the manifestation that we’ve been waiting for. God is always pouring out light and love all over us, but we block ourselves off from it with false beliefs and being in a lower frequency (one of anger, fear, or lack). In order to become one with God and get attuned to His frequency of love and light, I often recommend meditation.

I made a video called Meditation For Dummies (in which I called myself one) because I know that when I first started out meditating I was not reaching the “meditative state.” When I refer to that state I am talking about feeling as if I’m floating like a spirit inside of my body, and a little “out of it” but not that I can’t snap back to reality quickly if need be. I was likely hitting the theta or delta brainwave state. I use that description of being able to snap back to reality quickly if I needed to in order to differentiate between using drugs to reach this state of mind and using meditation to reach it.

Meditation vs. Intoxication

In this video I discuss that difference a little bit more, where I reference ayahuasca among other things. I don’t think there’s necessarily anything wrong with taking different natural substances in order to reach a higher state spiritually, but we should never become reliant on that and should always want to reach this state without being conditional (as in needing certain things in order to do so). We especially shouldn’t want to use harmful products like pharmaceutical medication in order to try to reach a spiritual high.

Meditation For Dummies

In the following video is where I talk about techniques in order to reach the higher state of mind spiritually through meditation without using any substances.

Letting Go & Getting In the Flow

In this video I discuss the overall feeling of letting go. When you go to meditate, your state of mind should be one of letting go of problems or issues you’re having.

Living a life where you’re always letting go of that stress everyday will help with reaching a meditative state when you actually set up a time to meditate.

Meditation tracks

This playlist is of some meditation tracks to listen to in order to reach that state. Some are focused on the evening, while others are focused on the morning.

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