Differentiating Hearing From Demons vs. Hearing From God

Differentiating Hearing From Demons vs. Hearing From God

When the topics of divination, the bible being fallible, praying for guidance, etc. come up, this question always seems to follow:

How do I know I’m hearing from God instead of a demon?

There’s this fear in mainstream Christianity that we’re going to be tempted into wrong choices if we follow spiritual guidance. People usually think, “Well, praying for guidance should be okay,” but they’ll think other ways of hearing from the Holy Spirit (Throwing lots, Tarot, Ouija boards, channeling, automatic writing, etc.) are bad even though it’s the same thing. And as soon as you suggest the bible might be wrong about something, they might say that we should follow the bible over the Spirit that is suggesting the bible has errors.

In actuality, following the bible over the Holy Spirit is turning to wooden idols over YHWH’s Spirit, because the bible is just dead wood, and it can’t speak or hear. But the Holy Spirit is what is always alive and communicating and leading you to all truth. The prophets didn’t even have a Tanakh (OT). The early followers of Jesus (Yehoshua), the Essenes, didn’t have a bible, and they believed the scriptures had been tampered with and said that when we look at the scriptures we can see what we want to see.

Then Kefa (Apostle Peter), commending his statement, said: “Ingenious men, as I perceive, take many counterfeits —looking much like truth—from the things that they read; and therefore great care is to be taken, that when the law of Elohim is read, it be not read according to the understanding of our own mind. For there are many sayings in the set-apart Scriptures that can be drawn to that sense that everyone has preconceived for himself; and this ought not to be done. For you ought not to seek a foreign and extraneous sense, which you have brought from without, which you may confirm from the authority of the Scriptures, but to take the sense of truth from the Scriptures themselves; and therefore it behooves you to learn the meaning of the Scriptures from him who keeps it according to the truth handed down to him from his fathers, so that he can authoritatively declare what he has rightly received. But when one has received an entire and firm rule of truth from the Scriptures, it will not be improper if he contribute to the establishment of true doctrine anything from common education and from liberal studies, which, it may be, he has attached himself to in his boyhood; yet so that, when he has learned the truth, he renounce falsehood and pretence.” Book 10, Chapter 42: Interpretation of Scripture (pg 240)

This is why it is so important to trust the Holy Spirit above the scriptures.

When I read the bible the first time, I never saw any verses discounting reincarnation. Then when I studied it in 2015, I thought that certain verses meant reincarnation was impossible, and then studying it again in 2017 I saw the verses that reaffirmed that reincarnation was true.  I was going back and forth based on my frequency. In 2015 I had gone through a deliverance and was vibrating more in the fear range than I like to admit. I still believe in deliverance, but now I’m not nearly as afraid of demons as I was back then.

I don’t think of demons in the same way as I did a few years ago either, but this terminology is good enough to get the point across. Some others might use different terminology. Abraham (channeled through Esther Hicks) would say there are two states that we’re in, there’s either being in alignment with source (which Christians can think of as being one with God) or not being in alignment. I’ve discussed our need for tuning into God’s frequency before. Jesus (Yehoshua) prayed for us to be one with God, and we can be. But when we’re not, it makes it difficult to hear from Him.

He’s always broadcasting the light of love at the highest frequency. You can think of it as the highest radio station. And when we’re not tuned into His frequency, we’re picking up static or noise from other stations and it makes it difficult or impossible to hear from Him.

We’re Constantly Vibrating

You might be in a really great mood, and then something happens and a thought enters your mind of fear, like, “What if I can’t finish this in time?” “What if that bill is too much for me to pay in time?” etc. For that second you might swing from the high frequency to a low frequency, but you can choose what to do with it. If you have a lot of faith, you can think, “It doesn’t matter. God’s in control, and everything always works out for the best.” Then you’ll swing right back to the high frequency again. Or you might worry about it for a few minutes, and then swing back to higher thoughts afterwards.

You have the choice of saying you’re not going to think about that right now, and place it on the back shelf of your mind, or deciding that you’re going to watch a comedy or funny animal videos on YouTube. You have the ability to focus on what you want to focus on.

You might be thinking very positively about a lot of things, and fearful about one particular issue. Or you might be very fearful or angry about one issue, but have a lot of things that are going well for you. So long as you focus on the positive things, your mood/frequency will rise back up.

Abraham has this example of a cork bobbing on the water. The cork bobbing on the water is how we are when we’re relaxed. If it wasn’t for our worries, we’d always be floating on top of the water, kind of like how Jesus (Yehoshua) walked on water. When Peter/Kefa walked on water, he got distracted by the wind and waves and fell under. When we keep our eyes on Jesus (Yehoshua) and don’t worry about other things we can float on top. Fisherman's bobber on lakeWhen people are afraid to swim but get in the pool of water, they tend to kick and attempt to stay afloat by working at it, by using their energy. But you can also just relax back into it and float on the surface. It almost seems like the more tense you are, the more dense you are. Many sites discuss the need to relax in order to float on water.

Our bodies naturally want to float. Our spiritual bodies naturally want to be above the water also. (This can be a useful meditation visualization of letting go of worries, like dropping weights so we can rise back up to the top).

We are like the cork floating on the top of the water when we’re relaxed. But when we start to think too much and try to control things ourselves, then the cork (bobber, body, etc.) gets dragged down. Every time we worry about something, we’re adding weight to our bodies. This is why when we let go of a worry, we think, “Wow, that’s a load off. I feel like a weight has been lifted!” You might even feel like you’re “walking on air” when your mood is higher than it usually is. We physically feel the stress in our bodies when we try to handle everything. But when we “take a load off” and let Jesus (Yehoshua) take that yoke upon him instead, we can finally relax.

God is not worried about anything. He knows how it will all work out, and knows there’s no way to get things wrong. It will all work out. He has a much higher perspective then we do. When we’re not in tune with His fearlessness, then we are not “one with God” in that moment, and we’ve got added weights on our bodies, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Usually we’re focused on one thing rather than scatter-brained. Although one thing leads to another, and if you’re worried about something, you might be led to other things you are used to worrying about also. We should always try to recognize when we’re worrying about something and let go of that worry with trust that God will take care of it. That doesn’t mean we won’t deal with it at some point, but we shouldn’t be in a state of worry when we do. Which brings us to….

How to tell if we’re lead by God or demons

When we are in the receiving mode spiritually, and receive some sort of communication, whether words, feelings, thoughts to do something, etc., the first thing we should ask ourselves is:

What Influence Am I Under?

Am I under the influence of God, who is all-loving, all-merciful, and fearless? Or am I under the influence of fear, of anger, of unforgiveness?

I’ve made mention that people in the bible used divination. They threw lots, and Joseph had a diviner’s cup. The high priests also used to divine answers from YHWH. So, for example, if you’re throwing lots, how can you tell if the answer you receive is from God versus a demon?

First, were you afraid that a demon might answer? If so, then that might be what you’ll get according to the law of attraction. You get what you’re afraid about because the law of attraction is there to purify you. Are you trying to figure out what to do while you’re steaming mad at someone? You’ll likely get a demon. Anger and unforgiveness are not the frequency of God, and if that’s what your vibration is, you’re not going to be hearing from God very clearly.

Were you calm and content? Did it make you feel awesome to hear the answer or think about doing something?That’s more likely from God.

Perhaps you got an idea for the perfect email or text and you can’t wait to write it. If so, then you’re likely hearing from God. Because He makes us excited, joyful, and we feel like we’re on top of the world with Him. There’s no fear, when He is near.

What Fruit Does It Bring Forth?

Jesus (Yehoshua) said to look at the fruit. When the early followers said that we can read the bible with preconceived ideas and come to different conclusions they suggested to look to the people who knew the right way. Look to the people who are doing the right thing, the people who bear the right fruit and stay away from sin. They are the ones we’re to look to in order to gain wisdom.

If someone is bringing forth bad fruit, we’re not to trust them on these issues. For that reason I chose to reject Paul when he withstood Peter/Kefa face-to-face rather than talk in private, and he cursed men and wished they would castrate themselves. We are told to not judge others unless we judge ourselves first, but after that we can have righteous judgement, and we will be able to figure out if something brings forth bad fruit or whether it brings forth good fruit.

But certain verses that get attributed to him have wonderful fruit, which is why I don’t reject every single thing that he supposedly wrote as I discuss in this video.

As we discussed on the page about channeling, the bible is believed to be channeled. Some things bring forth good fruit (a lot actually). But some things bring forth bad fruit. I believe the good outweighs the bad, but we are to judge according to fruit. If there’s bad fruit, it means there was a bad tree, which means there was a bad seed (tare) somewhere. It’s obvious that the whole bible wasn’t written by the same author because of the contradictions and there being bad fruit in it, so some writers were not following the Holy Spirit. We’re to test the spirits.

When you get a spiritual inspiration to do something, you can ask yourself what fruit will this bring forth? If you are unforgiving and mad at someone, you might get an inspiration to do something mean, it’s usually easy to tell that that is a bad inspiration. You may want to hurt them back either emotionally, mentally or physically. That’s bad fruit. YHWH never wants the evil doers to die, or suffer, He only wants them to repent so they will be saved. He tells us (through the prophets) to pray for our enemies and bless them that curse us.

If you’re feeling led to do something that will brighten someone else’s day, month, or year, then do it. Maybe you’re led to donate to someone, and then you worry about having enough money for yourself. The donation idea is likely from God, the fear of not having enough money or worrying what the person will do with the donation doesn’t come from God. The early followers who wrote the Didache said that we shouldn’t worry about what happens to donations after we give them. If someone chooses to use it poorly, that’s on them, not us. The fear is not of God, but the love for others is.

How Do You Feel About It?

If you’re worried to do something you felt led on, you might not be in the best state of mind. Though anxiousness may come along with excitement, especially if you’re just starting out with meditation and hearing from God more clearly than you used to. If you’re excited to do it and/or it makes you joyful to think about, it’s more likely from God.


Your emotions are your guide. If you’re feeling love, joy, elation, rapturous, these feelings are from God. If you’re feeling worry, anxiety, anger, fear, distrust, etc, then you might want to meditate a bit and ask for more confirmations if you’re confused. The more confirmations you get, the more chances you’ll have to see what state of mind you were in when the idea came to you.

By their fruit you will know them. If something brings forth bad fruit, we know it’s not of God. When you are one with God, you will look like Him. Adam was made in God’s image. When you saw Adam, you saw God. Jesus (Yehoshua) was the same thing. When we’re one with God, when people see us they should see the Father. If anything brings forth bad spiritual fruit then it can’t be from God.

If someone is channeling information, like the book Conversations with God, or Abraham-Hicks information, or the bible, then you should look at who’s talking, and what’s being said. Is the idea or person bringing forth good fruit into the world? If you feel like it’s from God then believe it. If you see bad fruit, or it makes you feel uneasy, then look into why it makes you feel uneasy. Study that out and pray on it. Or just reject it if you feel it’s not from God. You can always change your mind. If something is not true, it won’t last, and you’ll eventually be led away from it. But if it’s from God, nothing will keep you from it.

Acts 5:38 So in the present case I advise you: Leave these men alone. Let them go! For if their purpose or endeavor is of human origin, it will fail. 39 But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them. You may even find yourselves fighting against God.

Continue to pray to not be deceived, and trust that when you pray in His name/character, your prayer will be answered. We were meant to test the spirits, not be afraid of them.

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