Why Call Him Jesus (Yehoshua)?

Why Call Him Jesus (Yehoshua)?

This website is created as a synthesis of spiritual understanding and is designed to be welcoming to multiple faiths, or “religions.” Some people prefer to refer to Christ as “Messiah” (which means the same thing as Christ: anointed one), or Jesus, or Yeshua, Y’shua, Yahshua, Yashua, Yahushua, Yehoshua, etc. There are many different terms used. We know that he was never referred to as “Jesus” or “Jesús” when he was alive. The letter “J” wasn’t even used when the first KJV bible was created. You can see all the “J” names in the 1611 KJV bible were written using an “I” instead. 1611 KJV Bible

Where Does The Name Yehoshua Come From?

There are often times in the scriptures where there is one name in the Greek, but it is translated a different way, perhaps to distinguish between other people. One example is how Yehoshua’s brother was named Ya’akov which is “Jacob”. He was never referred  to as “James” when he was alive but we use “James the Just” to refer to him so people know who we are talking about. It doesn’t change the fact that his name was Jacob (Ya’akov).

Jesus’ (Yehoshua’s) name was “Joshua” which is Yehoshua in Hebrew. If you look up Acts 7:45, Hebrews 4:8 using Biblehub, you will see that the KJV actually translates the word for Yehoshua, Strong’s 2424 Iésous into “Jesus” where the author is actually speaking of Joshua. The other translations get it right. The only reason there was a mistranslation here is because the KJV was translating the Greek word “Iésous” as both Joshua and Jesus and they made an error in this particular instance.

Jesus / Joshua / YehoshuaOnce again, it doesn’t mean that Yehoshua changed his name, it was still Yehoshua “Joshua”, people changed it after the fact just as they changed his brother’s name Jacob (Ya’akov) to James the Just.

Yehoshua Is About YHWH’s Salvation

When we look at what the name Yehoshua means, it means “YHWH is salvation,” or “YHWH’s salvation.” People tend to claim this means that Yehoshua is YHWH, but they forget, he came in his Father’s name. He carried his Father’s name inside of his name his whole life. His whole meaning was to tell us that YHWH is salvation for those who repent and come back to Him. Yehoshua was leading the way to the Father.

Some use the name “Y’shua” which means “salvation” or “to save”. The name points to Yehoshua as being the savior. It’s been shortened by some as a nickname of sorts.

I have nothing against people shortening his name with a nickname. But I am going to explain why I, personally, don’t.

From yeshua.orgYehoshua is a compound name consisting of two parts: The first part is the “prefix” form of the Tetragrammaton—God’s Four-Letter Name: Yod-He-Vav-He or YHVH. In the Hebrew Bible “Yeho-” is used at the beginning of certain proper names: Jehoshaphat, Jehoiachin, Jehonathan (In Medieval English the letter “J” was pronounced as “Y”). The “suffix” form of the Tetragrammaton is “-yah” (“-iah” in Greek, as in Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zechariah, or Halleluiah). The second part is a form of the Hebrew verb yasha which means to deliver, save, or rescue. Symbolically, the name Yehoshua/Yeshua/Jesus conveys the idea that God (YHVH) delivers or saves (his people).”

The full name suggests “YHWH saves”, the truncated name suggests Yehoshua saves (without YHWH). I know many people who use the shortened name and would NOT suggest such a thing, so I am not speaking about those people. But from my studies on the trinity, I know that many people do idolize “Jesus” or “Y’shua” as their creator.

When I use the longer name, I am in agreement with my Father that He indeed saves us, through Yehoshua guiding us to the truth. Yehoshua was the Messiah, but he, himself, said “by myself I can do nothing”. See the article There Are No Other Saviors But The Ones YHWH Sends for more information on how YHWH has sent many saviors, many Messiahs.

Another reason that it is useful to look to their original names is because there is a reason Yehoshua and his brother, Ya’akov had their names changed. Joshua and Jacob. Moses gave his leadership over to Joshua (Yehoshua) just like he may again, in the future, give over leadership to Jesus (Yehoshua), our Messiah, if Moses is one of the 2 witnesses, even if you take that spiritually rather than literally. There are parallels to be found concerning these names, I believe. And we can’t find those parallels unless we know their real names.

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Demons Flee From the Name of “Jesus”

As stated on the deliverance page, during a deliverance, demons will flee when praying with the name of “Jesus.” This is because the word “name” does not only refer to the pronunciation that comes out of our mouth, but actually refers to the character and authority. You have no authority over demons if you don’t repent. You have absolute authority over demons if you do repent. This is why someone who uses the name “Yehoshua” or “Y’shua” but doesn’t want to stop sinning will never be able to command demons away. And it’s also why someone who is truly repentant calling on the name of “Jesus” can command demons away even though it wasn’t even what Christ was called when he walked on the earth.

So why not just use the name “Jesus”?

The reason both names are used, is because some people will not even listen to what you have to say if they think you’re stuck in “idolatry” or “using pagan names.” You can check out the article “Coming in our Father’s Name & Praying in Jesus’s Name” for more information on the Sacred Name Movement that suggests you are calling upon demons if you use the name “Jesus” or the title “God.”

So why not just use the name “Yehoshua”?

Some people, who are still in mainstream Christianity but are questioning things right now due to the apocalypse, would not find this site, or even spend time reading it if they saw the name Yehoshua being used. For one reason, they may not even know who it’s referring to, and another reason is that some Christians think you’re looking down on them, so to speak, when using these other names. That’s certainly not how Christ would have wanted someone else to feel. There’s no reason to not use the name “Jesus” when referring to him.

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