Targeted Individuals (TIs) and the Law of Attraction

Targeted Individuals (TIs) and the Law of Attraction

I read through the following article and discuss it with those in the chat room in this video. You may watch it on YouTube to see the chat discussion.

Are Targeted Individuals (TIs) “crazy”? According to the law of attraction they’re not. We get what we think about with the Law of Attraction, so if you think about someone always following you, you’ll make sure to see people following you. Our brain can only perceive what it believes.

To better illustrate this, this video shows what an AI system “sees”. It can only see things based on what it already “knows” or “believes.” In the thumbnail you can see the AI system thinks it is seeing flowers, although it’s really looking at cords and keys.

Learning to see: Gloomy Sunday from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

Targeted Individuals believe that there are others out there who are specifically targeting them to harass them. The reasons vary. Some believe all truthers become targeted or “put on a list” of people to watch. Because of this belief, their mind perceives the world in a way that solidifies this belief.

My Story of Paranoia

In 2015 when I first found out about many of the lies we were being told, such as how and why 9/11 went down, etc. I got caught up in the “truther” movement. Most were talking about FEMA camps and how at some point the government was going hit their own country, with a false flag attack, call for Martial Law, and pile us all in FEMA internment camps, unless we agreed to some vaccine or medicine that would eventually kill us or make us slaves to the New World Order or get the mark of the beast. The theories varied across different channels, but I fell for the fear for a while. I became paranoid. I thought they were coming to get me and thought maybe I was being targeted. I was also studying the bible and the end times, and I realized the bible says not to worry. We’re not to worry about where our food will come from, and what will clothe us, or where we’ll live. So I stopped worrying about it. Over a very short period of time, the paranoia left me.

Looking back, I now see how it was the things that I was feeding my mind that led to my fears. The more you focus on what you fear, the more what you fear seems to appear. But as I shifted focus onto seeking first the kingdom of heaven, the worries melted away. This is why Peter was to focus on  Jesus (Yehoshua) in order to not fall when he attempted to walk on water. But as he focused on his fears, he sunk.

Law of Attraction & Paranoia

Paranoia is defined as basically an intense, irrational, persistent instinct or thought process of fearful feelings and thoughts. I was afraid of voice-to-skull technology also and now I am starting to think I was actually hearing spirits rather than live individuals speaking. If someone is hearing negative thoughts that don’t seem to be their own, it may be an egregore they created. I’ve also discussed how “demons” or “Satan” are there to help us purify ourselves.

My belief is that the Law of Attraction is the “Torah” that the world was made by. We are judged by “the word” in the last days, and Jesus (Yehoshua) separates us by whether or not we keep the law (Torah). Those who don’t keep the law, go to the “fire” to be purified so they will decide to keep the law of their own free will and move on. You can see my article on the Lake of Fire for more information on how the bible implies it’s for purification not torture.

The Law of Attraction is a purifier. What you are thinking about is what is affecting the world around you. You can only perceive what you believe. The whole world revolves around you. You get what you believe. Your world is a reflection of who you are inside and what’s going on in your mind.

mirror reflection

If you look into a mirror and notice you have dirt on your face, you are thankful for the mirror, so you can wipe it off. If you are at a dinner in a restaurant and your best friend says you have spinach in your teeth, you are thankful for your friend for pointing it out so you can get it out of your teeth. If you are at dinner and you see people in the corner suspiciously staring at you (even though you don’t know them), you should be thankful that this experience is letting you know that you have paranoid thoughts going on in your mind. You may be feeling self conscious about your looks, you may feel like everyone is out to get you, or you may be worried that they are planning to attack and rob you when you leave.

This world is purifying us of our negative aspects currently. We’re in a time period where we are supposed to be purifying ourselves like God is pure.

1 John 3:1 Behold what manner of love the Father has given to us, that we should be called children of God. And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know Him. 2 Beloved, we are now children of God, and what we will be has not yet been revealed. We know that when He appears, we will be like Him, for we will see Him as He is. 3 And everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself, just as He is pure

We are to be like God in the end. The chapter goes on to say only those “born of the devil” sin, and those “born of God” don’t sin. We will be pure of any sin, and the bible says we are to not fear, or worry. You can see the article on what Fear the LORD means if you think it means to be afraid. It doesn’t. We are to be bold as God is bold in the end, without fear.

Facing Our Fears

So, if our goal is to be bold and pure as God is, then this world is here to get everything negative out of us. If we’re still vibrating on a fear or anger frequency, we can’t be one with God (who is pure love and fearless/bold). In the article I’m No Longer a Slave. Are You Free? I discuss how to become one with God on His frequency.

So the world keeps bringing us what we think about, like a mirror, so that we can wipe off anything we don’t like about ourselves. Who we truly are, our inner being or higher self, isn’t this negative frequency. We let the world add these negative attributes in order to face them and get rid of them and learn how to be fearless, following our own inner being or higher self to create more joy. In this video I discuss how we (who we truly are) are not these negative qualities:

But as we face our fears we move up vibrationally to the frequency of love and boldness (fearlessness). Since we only perceive what we believe when we believe fears that’s what keeps coming into our life, but as we let go of fears, and believe in God (or your higher self, inner being) guiding us, then we become bolder and bolder and more of who we truly are shines forth.

Let Go, Let God

Every time we experience something that we don’t like, our spirit inside prays for the opposite automatically. We don’t have to do anything. The prayer has already been made. If you’re worried that someone is out to get you, you’ve prayed for peace, and relaxation, and comfort. Since God is outside of time, the prayer has already been answered. You just have to let the answer into your life.

Everything that you’ve prayed for knowingly or not has already been answered. But you can only perceive what you believe. Jesus (Yehoshua) told us that we can have anything we pray for as long as we pray in his name/character. You having comfort, peace, joy is all in his name/character. But by our faith we’re saved. We are saved by how much faith we have that our prayers have been answered already.

If you don’t believe that your prayer for peace has already been answered, then how can you perceive it?

If you keep believing that you don’t have enough money, or the evil people are out to get you, or that you will never fall in love, then you can’t possibly have the things you’re praying for, since you can’t perceive what you don’t believe.

Law of Attraction demands that if you think people are out to get you, or take over the world, then everywhere that you look you will see “evidence” that that belief is true. Depending on how much you think this, there might be a lot of momentum in that thought, and it might take more letting go on those more persistent thoughts than others.

Suggestions For Those Dealing With Fear

Let Go

If you believe in a higher power than yourself, let go and trust that the higher power is working everything out for you as you’ve prayed for.


Meditation helps tremendously. You can see my article on meditation for information on how I finally got into the meditative state. I’ve also added some binaural beat meditations on my channel.

Law of Attraction Videos

Watch Law of Attraction videos on YouTube. One of my favorite channels is MindBodySpirit who has a Law of Attraction Success Story playlist. You can also easily search YouTube for thousands of success stories from other channels.

When you understand that you have the power to create your own reality, and see that working in your life, you will realize how powerful you are and that no one can keep you a slave to fear. I do suggest starting with smaller issues at first because the smaller the thing you want to attract, the easier it is to happen. Once you see it working your “blind faith” will turn into true faith, and then over time to 100% believing because you have proof that it works.

The article I’m No Longer a Slave. Are You Free? discusses how this truly frees us as we become the master of our lives.


Yes, Targeted Individuals are truly perceiving what they’re perceiving, but they’re seeing it because they believe that they’re being stalked or harassed in some way. When we start to believe different thoughts, such as, “The world is a reflection of myself for purification, not for wrath,” then we can start to perceive the exact same events in a new perspective.

Yes, TIs are attracting what they fear, but it’s not for their detriment, to frighten them, it’s for them to be able to purify what they don’t like about their thoughts out of their minds.

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