Becoming One With God By Following Our Heart

Becoming One With God By Following Our Heart

In the following Live Chat I discuss how we can know what our Father is thinking on every single subject by what we are feeling emotionally. When we experience negative emotions, we know that we’re not thinking the same about this situation/person/or place that He is. His ways are higher than our ways, and He forgives others more easily than we do.

Though some people might want to bring up the verse about the heart being “deceitful above all things” we know that YHWH gives us a new heart, and obviously the heart of flesh that He gives us when we’re born again and become a new creation is not going to be deceitful since it came from Him.

Our negative emotions mean that we are not “vibing” with God. The Law of Attraction says we attract what we’re a match to vibrationally, and everything good that we want is going to be on God’s frequency. We always want to be “one with God” so that we can see those “heavenly treasures” manifest in our lives.

You can also see the article I’m No Longer a Slave for even more information on how to become one with Him.

I also discuss God’s frequency of love more in this video:

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