Forgiving Others and Ourselves – What Does it Mean to Forgive?

Forgiving Others and Ourselves – What Does it Mean to Forgive?

As discussed in the Deliverance From Demons article one of the first steps to feeling free is to forgive others. I was asked to share my thoughts on how to forgive others, and there are a few things that can help. The more you pray for others to repent and get healed, the easier it is forgive them. If you find it difficult to pray for them to be repent you can also pray to God to find it easier to pray for that. He’ll lead you every step of the way if you just ask.

What Is Forgiveness?

Does forgiving a person necessarily mean that you find that person and tell them that you forgive them? No. I don’t know that we should ever do that, especially if that person hasn’t repented. If someone comes to you repentant it’s only natural to let them know you forgive them and don’t hold any grudges. But I don’t think it’s necessary to search them out in order to go through the forgiveness process. If it was necessary that would be impossible for forgiving people who have passed away. Rather, forgiving someone is something that is done internally in solitude.

How Can You Tell When You’ve Forgiven Someone?

If you imagine yourself hearing that person suffered pain or death and are gleeful, excited, smirking, you’re still mad at them. If you hear the same thing but just feel sorry for them, you’ve forgiven them. If it was a situation that was “triggering” you, it’s easy to see if you’ve made peace with the situation because it won’t trigger you anymore.

Tips on Forgiving Someone

Taking Your Freedom Back

It’s a lot easier to forgive someone when you realize by not forgiving them you have chosen to willingly be their slave, so you’re actually taking your freedom back by forgiving them. I discussed this in the past video about tuning into Yah’s Frequency of Love. When you don’t forgive someone or you let a situation or person “trigger” you, it’s because you’ve chained yourself to caring about that person or situation. When that situation or person pops up again, it/they trigger(s) you or “yanks your chain” and gets you upset. The only reason you are letting yourself get upset is because you “care” because you haven’t forgiven them yet. When you forgive someone and make peace with the situation, if it pops up again you will not get triggered anymore. Forgiveness of those who have harmed you allows you to take back your power and gives you freedom so you’re the only one who can control your emotional state. They will no longer be able to “yank your chain” or “push your buttons” and ruin your emotional state any longer.

In that longer video I refer to another woman’s video. This one is very short (2 minutes) and worth the watch for how freeing it can be to forgive someone. It makes you feel much more powerful to know that they can’t control your emotions anymore.

Remember They’re Slaves to Sin

It’s also easier to forgive someone when you realize that they’re a slave and product of this world, just as we were when we sinned. So we should love them as we would want to be loved and forgive them as we would want to be forgiven for falling into sin. As far as loving ourselves, we all had stuff in our environment that led to us sinning so we should show the same mercy and love and acceptance towards ourselves that God shows to us.  He loves the “world,” that is, the sinners. He loved us, so we should love ourselves too.

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