Finding the Truth in a World of Lies

Finding the Truth in a World of Lies

Finding the truth today truly is like searching for a needle in a haystack. We can’t trust journalists to tell us the truth, we can’t trust scientific studies, can’t trust NASA, can’t trust doctors, can’t trust dentists, can’t trust the education system, etc. Every generation has been affected by the previous generation telling them what to believe. For a while it was mostly families teaching their own families, but after children started going to public schools they were being taught things that the government wanted them to believe.

The government has legalized propaganda in the media through an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). From Metabunk “While it explicitly forbids spending money to influence public opinion, it could be seen to open a back door, by producing material for overseas consumption, but with a covert intent to also have that material be seen by a US audience” The world governments seem to have no qualms about lying and using their own citizens as pawns and test subjects.

There have always been people who, because of greed, conspire to take over God’s authority over the world. He rules us with love and mercy. But many men are ruthless, act like animals, and strive to rule over the people as a false “god.” Mankind was to rule over the earth as a reflection of how YHWH ruled over us, and that is why Psalm 82 says, “Ye are gods” but then says, “But like mortals you will die, and like rulers you will fall.” If people don’t act in YHWH’s name (character), they don’t get His authority and they’ll fail eventually. But they continue to try to lord over us, regardless:

Psalm 83:1 O God, do not remain quiet; do not be silent and, O God, do not be still. 2 Behold, Your enemies make an uproar, and those who hate You have exalted themselves. 3 With cunning they conspire against Your people and they plot against Your treasured ones. 4 They have said, “Come, and let us cut them off from being a nation; that the name of Israel may be no more in remembrance.” 5 For they have conspired together with one mind. Against You they make a covenant.

People in power have dictated to us what to believe. They try to tell us what is “fake news’ and what is real. But how can we trust them? We simply can’t. We can’t trust anyone.

False Beliefs Are Common and Often Shared

We can’t blame our teachers for teaching us things they actually believe even if it isn’t true. They were lied to just like we are. There may be many people working for NASA who believe everything they’re told, and have no idea of any deceit. As for biblical understanding, many preachers went to school and were lied to there also. Often times people in Christian families get told about the trinity and just assume they’re told the truth, because the family’s ancestors were lied to in the past. People just pass on false beliefs to others when they really, truly, believe what they’re saying.

Because these people truly believe what they’ve been told, they will often stick to the story, even if you explain it might not be true. They, many times, just can’t believe their boss, teachers, or family had taught them lies whether knowingly or not.

We have been lied to, and we believe things that are not true. We’re not immune to this. We must be on a search for the truth if we don’t want to be like those who share lies unintentionally.

Finding the Truth While Surrounded By Lies

When you realize that there are people who are lying to you intentionally, and that most people are lying unintentionally, all the time (because of the intentional liars), you begin to understand how many lies we’re truly being told day in and day out. So how do we find out the truth?

Some of the early followers of Jesus (Yehoshua) wrote the Recognitions of Clement and the Clementine Homilies. In the Clementine Homilies the apostle Peter (Kefa) is discussing how the scriptures had things added to it by scribes. People often ask, “Isn’t God able to keep His word intact?” And, of course the answer is, “Yes, but He didn’t.” We know He didn’t because He warns us about additions.

Clementine Homilies II, Chapter XXXVIII: Corruption of the Torah

For the Scriptures have had joined to them many falsehoods against Elohim on this account. The prophet Moses, by the order of Elohim, delivered the Torah with the explanations to seventy chosen men, in order that they also might instruct such of the people as they chose. After some time, the written Torah had added to it certain falsehoods contrary to the Torah of Elohim, who made the heaven and the earth, and all things in them; the evil one having dared to work this for his evil purpose.

This took place in reason and judgment, that those might be convicted who should dare to listen to the things written against Elohim, and those who, through love towards Him, should not only disbelieve the things spoken against Him, but should not even endure to hear them at all, even if they should happen to be true, judging it much safer to incur danger with respect to religious faith, than to live with an evil conscience on account of blasphemous words.

So according to that, the reason there are lies in the scriptures is so that those who love God will not believe the bad things written about Him. In the Recognitions of Clement Kefa goes on to say that God hides the truth through love. In this chapter Peter (Kefa) is talking with Niceta about how God hides the truth.

Recognitions of Clement Chapter LVIII: Truth Veiled with Love

Then said Kefa: “I take it well that you bring the truth to the rule, and do not suffer hindrances of faith to lurk in your inner being. For thus you can easily obtain the remedy. Do you remember that I said that the worst of all things is when anyone neglects to learn what is for his good?” Niceta answered: “I remember.”

Then Kefa: “And again, that YHWH has veiled His truth, that He may disclose it to those who faithfully follow Him?” “Neither,” said Niceta, “have I forgotten this.” Then said Kefa: “What think you then? That YHWH has buried His truth deep in the earth, and has heaped mountains upon it, that it may be found by those only who are able to dig down into the depths? It is not so; but as He has surrounded the mountains and the earth with the expanse of heaven, so has He veiled the truth with the curtain of His own love, that he alone may be able to reach it who has first knocked at the gate of divine love.

We are told that the greatest commandment is to agape love one another. We’re to treat each other as we would want to be treated.


  1. Someone is mad at the president and sees a meme that makes the president look bad. The person, rather than checking to see if the meme is accurate, just shares it. Others tell them, “That’s not true,” and they blindly believe it is without checking to see if they’re wrong. If the person didn’t hold a grudge against the president, then they might have done their own fact-checking before sharing it; they might have even listened to someone saying it’s a lie. But because they’re mad, they cannnot hear the truth. It doesn’t matter what political system you align yourself with, this happens with all of them.
  2. Someone shares a meme about the Simpsons Predictive Programming, except the images are from a show that came out after the real-life event. When they get told that it’s not predictive programming, it’s just the Simpsons making an episode about what’s going on in the world, they say, “It doesn’t matter. There is real predictive programming in the show.” So the person flat out doesn’t even care that they’re lying to their friends and family because they’re so focused on hating the people who put in predictive programming under their noses. If it wasn’t for the hate, they could have very easily created a post explaining all the legitimate predictive programming events in the Simpsons show. Or maybe they were lazy, in which case they don’t love their friends and family enough to check to see if it’s true. And if they do know that it’s not true, and they’re too lazy to put together the truth to share, due to the Seven Essene Mirrors / Law of Attraction, they will receive the same kind of laziness and lack of caring back.

Our negative emotions spiritually blind us. But love, truly loving others and loving the truth, will take those spiritual blinders off. In the following video I discussed how we need to get in-tune with love to find the truth.

Looking For Lies

According to the Seven Essene Mirrors, the world is a reflection of who we are inside. This is why the law of attraction works. What we focus on creates the world around us. It changes our perspective. If we love truth we’ll find it. But if we love drama we’ll find that. If we are trying to find out who lied to us, and in how many ways they lied, and focus on the lying part, we’ll attract lies to ourselves. Obviously when we look for the truth we’ll discover lies, but our intention has to be set on the truth, and love, not on lies.

Looking For Truth

If you believe you’ve come to the point of truly loving others, forgiving them, and granting mercy to others, then the next thing to do is to pray for the truth. Pray to not be deceived. Follow the Holy Spirit to all truth. The bible says we were left with the Spirit of truth (not a book) to lead us to all truth. Whatever you ask for in his name/character will be done, so ask and you will receive, if you’ve come in his character (which is agape love and being a lover of the truth).

Besides praying for the truth, you should always research for yourself, remembering that the people who are expressing their opinion, have that opinion because of what they’ve been told. So they may sound like they know what they’re talking about, but they could have been lied to also. If searching the web, use multiple web search engines to get a variety of links. When reading an article, click on the reference links because it’s best if you find the original data/statement/video. This way you can see if someone twisted what actually happened to try to prove their point.

In this video series I was reminding people that the videos that try to say Jesus Christ didn’t exist as a historical person often outright lie or twist the truth so we need to look into all sides before making a decision.

Also, the most important thing while researching is this: don’t try to prove you’re right. Try to prove you’re wrong. If you try to prove you’re right, you’ll find evidence that coincides with your preconceived notions and you’ll stop looking. You’ll be spiritually blinded to evidence to the contrary. If you try to prove you’re wrong, you’ll see both sides and see if one side seems to make more sense than the other side.

Preconceptions Limit Your Ability To Find the Truth

Recognitions of Clement Book 10, Chapter 42: Interpretation of Scripture

Then Kefa (Peter), commending his statement, said: “Ingenious men, as I perceive, take many counterfeits —looking much like truth—from the things that they read; and therefore great care is to be taken, that when the law of Elohim is read, it be not read according to the understanding of our own mind. For there are many sayings in the set-apart Scriptures that can be drawn to that sense that everyone has preconceived for himself; and this ought not to be done.

For you ought not to seek a foreign and extraneous sense, which you have brought from without, which you may confirm from the authority of the Scriptures, but to take the sense of truth from the Scriptures themselves; and therefore it behooves you to learn the meaning of the Scriptures from him who keeps it according to the truth handed down to him from his fathers, so that he can authoritatively declare what he has rightly received. But when one has received an entire and firm rule of truth from the Scriptures, it will not be improper if he contribute to the establishment of true doctrine anything from common education and from liberal studies, which, it may be, he has attached himself to in his boyhood; yet so that, when he has learned the truth, he renounce falsehood and pretence.”

This idea about looking for the other side doesn’t just apply to the scriptures, but life in general.

For example, when a parent is worried that their child hasn’t called they may start imagining the worst possibilities, in their head, for why their child isn’t answering. But they might find out in a few hours that the child’s phone just died because it was low on battery.

The parent, out of fear, starts imagining things and then sees “evidence” that they’re right so they can continue to worry. When, if the parent tried to prove the “opposite,” that their child was okay, they might have thought, “Maybe the phone died… because I do remember saying, ‘Plug it in,’ last night, but I don’t think he/she actually did plug it in before leaving.” Maybe the parent spots the charger in the same place as they left it the night before and this eases their mind.

We need to always ask ourselves if we’re trying to prove what we think, or if we’re trying to disprove what we think.

In this video, I discuss the Clementine scriptures concerning finding the “kingdom of truth” further. And in the following video I discuss looking for truth about the mark of the beast, antichrist spirit, and spurious scriptures:

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