Truther Talk

I have found a lot of other people are waking up to some major deceptions these days. We all have a lot in common; most people in our lives don’t want to hear about it anymore. Some of the topics are so far-fetched to the general populace they might even think you’ve gone crazy and need to be committed for what you’ve been looking into. I understand. I’ve had those conversations too. If you would like to talk with someone who is not going to judge the things you’ve been looking into and try to push pharmaceuticals on you, you’ve come to the right place. We can just chat about what you’ve been looking into and no subject is taboo. Visit the calendar page on to make an appointment.

Possible Topics

We can speak about whatever is going on in your life, of course, but here are a few topics I’ve looked into if you’re interested in discussing them:

  • Shape of the Earth: Have we been to the moon? Is the earth a sphere as NASA claims, or it it pear-shaped as Neil deGrasse Tyson claims? Or is it flat, concave, convex, or something else entirely?
  • Chemtrails or contrails?: Did NASA admit they put trails of chemicals in our air on their official website? Oh, yeah, they did.
  • Reincarnation: Are we forced to reincarnate on this earth forever or is there a way out?
  • Are vaccines safe?: Should our children really be given so many chemicals? Can you get a religious exemption since they’re not kosher?
  • False Flags: Why are there so many mass shootings these days? Are they legit, is it because the people are on prescription drugs, or is it all fake?
  • Are GMOs safe?: Should we be trying to eat as much organic foods as possible and stop eating GMOs?
  • Hearing voices?: Is it electronic harassment with voice-to-skull (V2K) technology? Are you a targeted individual (TI)? Or are angels speaking to you? Do you think it’s your higher self?
  • Cloning Centers: Are the elite actively cloning people? Do they send people’s spirits to cloning centers at night to torture them?
  • Law of Attraction?: Is the law of attraction “witchcraft” or is it the way Jesus (Yehoshua) taught us to pray?
  • Is going vegan “Satanic”?: Many Christians are saying it’s “Satanic” to go vegan. Is that biblical or should we be going vegan to hasten the kingdom?
  • Essenes: Were the Essenes the original followers of Jesus (Yehoshua) or were they freemasons? They rejected Paul, the animal and human sacrifices in the bible. They were vegetarians too, just as James the Just (Yehoshua’s brother) was.
  • “Apostle” Paul?: Was Paul false? Did the Essenes have a point when they rejected him? Was the book of James written against the book of Galatians?
  • Is Jesus (Yehoshua) the creator?: Did he ever claim to be? Or did he only claim to be YHWH’s messiah?
  • Is the demiurge the creator?: Is YHWH of the OT an evil or incompetent demiurge or did the Israelites just call the golden calf by the name “YHWH”? The Essenes wrote about the demiurge and laid out a case against the demiurge, were they right?
  • Should we reject the NT?: With some contradictions in the NT, should we trust it? Were there codes placed in the NT to show the other Essenes that Paul was false? Did the Catholic Church add verses or did others take them away?
  • Is the bible “Canon”: Is the bible the “Word of God” to be taken as if it is God speaking to us? Or are there errors? The early followers didn’t believe in the idea of “Canon” and men added that idea later. Does scripture say we can trust it to be infallible?
  • Did YHWH ever ask for sacrifices?: With some contradictions in the NT, should we trust it? YHWH says He never asked for sacrifices and then says He did. So what’s going on?
  • Divination: What does the Tanakh/Bible really say about divination?
  • Corporations & Common Law: The US is a corporation, so should we be “citizens” of it? Our birth certificates are traded on the stock market?